10 Things to Consider For Selecting an Auto Mechanic

If you have your own car then you must know about a competent auto mechanic. Car mechanic is necessary for your car education because it is like your car’s doctor. If you are suffering from cardiac diseases then you must consult with the cardiologist. Mandhi Likewise when your car is getting troubles, you need to …

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Road Safety Still a Distant Dream: Are Big Rigs to Blame?

Every single day, millions of people travel from one place to another via roads. Roads are shared by all kinds of modes of transport – bicycles, two-wheelers, cars and vans, trucks, trams, buses, and more. Then there are carefree animals and attentive pedestrians who also commute through pavements and crossings. The road transportation system of …

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Mercedes mechanic

What Are the Qualities of a Good Mercedes Mechanic?

Owning a Mercedes-Benz, or Mercedes for short, is a source of pride for many. It is one of the most popular luxury cars and is a leading automobile company on the global scale. If a car encounters a problem, one must seek the help of a mechanic to get their automobile fixed. Many issues related …

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4wd Mechanic

Why Is A 4wd Mechanic Required for Your Vehicle?

Almost every industry uses mechanics in some way or the other. Right from agriculture to air travel – mechanics are needed in every field. For vehicles, you need automotive mechanics. And if you have a specialty vehicle like a 4-wheel drive vehicle then you need a special 4wd mechanic who is conversant with the parts of the …

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Paving the Road to Electrification – are we there yet?

If you are like many automotive consumers, you have probably wondered when electric vehicles (EVs) will garner widespread adoption and finally replace their petroleum-powered counterparts once and for all. We know the technology is there – check. We see the interest is there – check. Realistically though, we still have many miles to go before …

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StradVision Delivering Cutting-Edge Vision Technology for Autonomous Vehicles in 2021

The Future of Autonomous Driving Remains Promising In 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic impacted many industries based on traditional business structures and infrastructure, including the automotive industry. According to a market study published in November by ‘Strategy Analytics,’ the global automobile production volume in 2020 was estimated at 74.1 million units, a significant decrease of …

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Are new cars becoming too expensive?

We recently caught up with Mike Szudarek from Marx Layne to discuss reasons why new cars are becoming so expensive. This is what he said… Yes. New cars have unquestionably become more expensive over the years, partly due to consumer demand for more features, but that is not the only reason. Advancements in vehicle safety and technology, …

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