personalisation in aged care

The Art of Personalisation in Aged Care: A Revolution in Assisted Living

In the modern narrative of aged care, what does ‘personalisation’ mean exactly? How does your concept of ‘home’ fit into the framework of this evolving care model? And how does this notion affect every aspect of senior living, from the architectural design to the mundane daily routines? Stepping into the world of senior living, you …

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Neck Pain

Unravelling the Mystery of Neck Pain: Causes, Treatments and Lifestyle Tips for Resilience

Ever woken up with a stiff, aching neck that puts your day off to a rough start? Did you find yourself absentmindedly massaging your nape during another endless Zoom meeting? Neck pain, whether it manifests as a dull ache or a shooting pain, is never welcome. Most of the time, it’s a result of poor …

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Back Acne

Understanding the Root Causes of Back Acne in Chinese Medicine

Back acne, also known as “bacne,” is a common skin condition that affects many people worldwide. It can be an embarrassing and painful problem, causing both physical and emotional distress. To effectively treat back acne, it is essential to understand its root causes. Chinese medicine offers a unique perspective on the underlying reasons for back …

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Choosing the Right Eyewear: Tips from Optometrists

Eyes are often referred to as the windows to our soul, but they are also our windows to the world. And who better to keep these windows clean and clear than Optometrists? They are professionals in eye care, dedicated to helping us maintain optimal eye health and visual acuity. But what does their job entail? …

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Disability Service

Some Essential Guidelines for Providing Disability Service

It is not a simple task to provide services to disables persons and the job can be rather stressful and exhausting, both physically and mentally. While performing the task of disability service, you need to come across patients that are disabled not only physically but also mentally and that come from various cultures and backgrounds. …

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Exercise for Seniors

Safe and Fun Exercise for Seniors

When you hear the term “exercise”, do you cringe a little? There’s no need to fear because there are fun ways to exercise that won’t give you joint pain or other health issues that come with age. Idaho Falls Assisted Living is committed to the health of seniors who live at their facility and wants …

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Heart Clinics

The 5 Best Cardiologists or Heart Clinics in Singapore

Are you looking for the best cardiologist in Singapore? If so, this article is what you need! We cherry-picked some of the most reliable heart clinics in Lion City that specialise in treating heart conditions and diseases. We will start by going into detail about the expected cost of seeing a cardiologist in the country. …

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The Major Skills Required For Being a Good Fitness Trainer

Fitness training is presently one of the very sought-after professions as the fitness industry is growing at a fast pace due to more and more people understanding the significance of remaining fit. But becoming a fitness trainer requires certain important skills without which you may not succeed in the profession. Some of the skills required …

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5 Reasons To Visit An Optometrist At Intervals

Most people believe that unless you suffer from problems in vision, there is no need to consult an optometrist. But it is an absolute misconception. Visiting an optometrist at regular intervals will not only help in keeping the eyes healthy but also aid in the detection of problems at the earliest stage. Vision problems can …

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How to Choose the Right CBD

CBD has been gaining lots of popularity in recent years as laws around CBD products begin to relax and public perception begins to soften. Although CBD has become much more mainstream in recent years, many people still might not know a lot about CBD products. As a result, many people likely don’t know how to …

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