5 Trends Automakers Must Drive To Survive

auto industry

Business, as usual, is no longer an option for OEMs. Given the unprecedented uncertainty facing the auto industry, one thing is sure: automakers must recalibrate their business strategies if they plan to survive in a COVID-19 era. The reality is that the global automotive market was already feeling the impact of disruption Pre-COVID-19 with the … Read more

Corporate Car Service- Advantages of Using Them

Big corporate leave no stones unturned to impress and retain the goodwill of their valuable clients or customers. Among the many services and gestures done by corporate is to maintain goodwill by hiring corporate car services to cater to the client’s needs. If you are a business owner, then you will know that your ‘customer … Read more

13 Top Forms of Trailers for Your Commercial Use

Loads and goods transportation is a vital part of many businesses and in such businesses, the use of commercial trucks is very prominent. There are different types of trucks and trucks that are used in businesses and its choice depends upon the weight of loads, types of goods to be transported to decide exactly what … Read more

Tips for Road Safety We Often Ignore

road safety

Small driving mistakes many of us make regularly might go unnoticed, but they could lead to deadly accidents. Practicing common sense and following the law can help make sure your next drive is a safe one. Bad driving habits can result is car damage, hefty fines, injury, and even death. You could be driving five … Read more