Workstation Cranes are Beneficial in more than one way

You will find multiple options in workstation cranes and all that is required is to find the right one which fits your requirement. Specific cranes are used for different operations; thus, before choosing to ensure you are making the right choice. Free-standing bridge cranes are apt where it is impractical to opt for the overhanging crane.

Here let us have a look at some advantages of these workstation cranes and where they can be used.

Different Choices

You have the manufacturers of these workstation cranes offering you a choice in accordance with your requirement. These cranes can cater to a lifting capacity of around 2,000 kgs. You can choose between the ones which are mounted on ceilings, double or single girder bridges, freestanding and also monorails. You also have a choice of the material as these are manufactured in steel and aluminium.

Top 8 Benefits of Workstation cranes

1. Movement and Positioning Easier

These cranes are able to move a load easily up to almost three times more as compared to a traditional crane. The track design of the workstation crane, along with the strength to weight ratio and the runways with end trucks which are anti-binding, can help in easy positioning and movement.

2. Quality Increased

Using these cranes can increase the value of the goods being handled due to the elimination of any damaged parts which can bring down the costs. This is due to the easy movement of the cranes.

3. Increase in Productivity

Workstation cranes bought by the well-reputed manufacturers can increase the productivity to nearly 28 percent. This is because these cranes require less of an effort to move. This tends to justify the cost of these cranes.

Workstation Cranes

4. Work Utilisation improved

By opting for the right workstation crane, you can reach your goal with ease where the handling of materials is concerned. Using a manual crane can be done by only 10 percent of workers with ease, while with these workstation cranes, 90 percent of your workforce can operate the same.

5. Ideal Design

With the right manufacturers, you can think of relocation or even expansion of these cranes. Adding runway sections can increase the length of the runway. You might also add additional assemblies for support and bridges.

6. Ceiling Mounted Workstation Cranes

These workstation cranes can be used in a building with an overhead structure for the crane to hang. It tends to be long-lasting with an easy movement on an enclosed track. You can look forward to a superior positioning with these cranes. As there are no requirements of any structures for support, the workstation is free of any obstacles. Installation is easy with a smooth surface so that the trolleys and bridge can move with ease. This crane works out to be flexible and adaptable.

7. Free Standing Work Station Cranes

Installation of these cranes works out straight forward without putting any stress on the overhead structure of a building. Relocation is convenient but you require a reinforced floor of concrete of almost 6 inches. With the different track profiles available, these tend to be cost-effective.

8. Monorail Workstation Cranes

These are apt for moving materials which are too bulky or even heavy through a facility. These can maximise the given vertical space and is directed by an operator either manually or even with the help of wireless controls. The monorail workstation cranes are normally used for the support of manufacturing activities.

Look for the ideal workstation crane in accordance with your requirement. Ensure the quality of the materials used and also the way this has been manufactured. There are multiple manufacturers of the different workstation cranes offering different design and different handling capacities.

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