Basic Tips on Buying Sporting Trophies

In order to recognize the person or team for doing well in a sport, a trophy is awarded.  This is given only for achieving certain milestones at certain sporting events.

In today’s day and age, one can easily buy personalized trophies without having to go to a store. They can do it from the comfort of their home. Earlier only traditional trophy outlets used to sell these trophies and that too there were limited collections which could be availed.

In today’s world, there are a huge collection of unusual, stylish, as well as unique sports trophies which can be bought to commemorate any type of victory.  There are also capabilities for imprinting the athlete’s name or the event. This kind of personalized etching or engraving is dependent on the various needs of the customers.

You can also get a custom shape made for your sporting trophy, for example, a golf ball for a golf event, bat and ball for a cricket match, etc.

Sports Trophies

People can easily select and choose from a huge range of trophies which are available in the market – both the offline and online variety. An online trophy outlet typically has a huge selection of trophies made available for their customers. These products not only have the advantage of being less costly but they are quicker to procure and offer a better range of the customers as well.

Consider the Weight and Size of The Trophy

Weight and size are the most vital aspect to consider when it comes to buying trophies. Choosing the best trophy from all the available options can be a boring task. But, if you want to buy the best trophy, you should decide upon what size and weight it should ideally be. Also, trophies should be made as per the importance of the occasion. It is advisable to have the date and name of the event or the award engraved on it.

It is important to customize the trophy based on the sport or game it is awarded for. This could be perhaps wrestling, netball, cricket, basketball, chess, soccer, etc. If the event has a number of sports and games which are part of it, tailoring the designs makes the players feel that it is special and the trophy holds more value in their eyes. Trophies can also be tailored by getting them imprinted, engraved or etched to describe the team name or the sport as well as the date and perhaps even the name of the receivers.

Choose the Trophy Sizes That Goes with Team Size

Another thing to consider while choosing trophies for a team is to try and make sure it is proportional to the size of the team. Since all the receivers yearn to receive a trophy, you can make every prize even more appropriate by ensuring it’s balanced with the size of the person receiving it. You can easily achieve this by buying trophies in diverse sizes. The younger teams receive smaller sizes of the same trophy whereas the senior team gets bigger ones.

Employ Various Colors to Distinguish Between Different Various Teams or Sports

You can also customize your trophies with the use of colors. You can have different age groups or different teams to receive trophies with different colors or designs. These show exclusivity.

Choose Trophies for Top Winners


Finally, keep in mind that cup trophies are more popular than normal trophies. Therefore, choose cup sports trophies for the top winners, like for those that are awarded to the best player, or a championship winner. You can also decide to give a huge cup trophy to the winning team rather than giving individual players a cup each. All these are methods to employ to increase the value of the trophy in the eyes of the player.

So, those were some of the vital tips you can keep in your mind when it comes to buying sport trophies.

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