Types of Industrial Ladders at Commercial Sites

We all know the concept of a ladder, and we normally use them due to height constraints. We use ladders to clean ceilings, rooftops, fix ceiling lights, clean ceiling fans and many more. But did you know that for every specific work there is a different type of ladder?

Yes, using the wrong ladder for a particular work may result in disaster. You need to use the right kind of ladder to ensure safety. Safety is more important than anything else in this world, and it should not be compromised at any point of time. Therefore, it is advisable that you have sound knowledge regarding ladders and its kind and uses the right one for a specific work. In this post, we will discuss industrial safety ladders, its types and also where all it can be used.

What Is an Industrial Ladder?

Industrial safety ladders are made especially for the use in industrial surroundings. These ladders are much harder and sturdy compared to the normal ladders which we have in our backyard. These ladders are made from a material that does not react to extreme environmental conditions like heat, cold, etc. These ladders are used in factories, construction sites, warehouses, and many more.

There are many types of industrial safety ladders like extension ladders, step ladders, platform ladders, self-supporting ladders, tower industrial ladder, Telescopic Tower Ladders, Aluminum Extension Ladders and many more. These industrial safety ladders are needed when you have to reach a height of more than 20 ft. These may be a bit more expensive than the regular ladders, but in the end, they ensure safety and reliability.

What Are the Types of Industrial Ladder?

If you have little knowledge about industrial safety ladders, then you should know more about where you use what type of ladder. Every type of ladder has a specific usage and you must know the application of each kind of ladder to ensure efficiency and safety.

  1. Platform Ladders

These ladders have a platform like structure attached to the top and it guarded by rail guards. This ladder is used for the work which will take a long time to finish. These types of ladders are mainly used to fix streetlights and something of a similar kind.

  1. Step Ladders

Step ladders are one of the most common ladders which are used for industrial as well as residential purposes as well. They are very portable and can self-support themselves.

  1. Folding Ladders

These ladders can be folded and they support themselves. The drawback of these ladders is that they cannot take up to much weight. So, only a lightweight person can climb this ladder.

  1. Extension Ladders

Unlike other ladders, extension ladders cannot support themselves, and they need external support to hold itself up. But the USP of this type ladder is that it can be extended to increase the height. This feature is very necessary when it comes to fire fighting.

What Are the Uses of Industrial Safety Ladders in The Commercial Industry?

Industrial safety ladders are mainly used in warehouses, or at large inventories. These places have huge racks that can go up to 20 to 30 ft in height. Therefore, to reach this type of height, a person can make sure of industrial safety ladders to reach the top. Ladders who have rollers attached to them are the most preferred type of ladders because by using these ladders a person can change its position from one track to the other without getting down from the ladder.

Make sure to buy the ladder from a reputed manufacturer and retailer to ensure quality.

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