Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding Method in Production

Plastic injection molding is an efficient and versatile method to produce plastic parts and there are several advantages that make it better than the alternative.

With a number of different options on the market, I wanted to learn more about the production and the quality of the final product when using this method, so I approached plastic injection molding industry veterans at Wunder Mold.

Probably the biggest pro is the speed at which you are able to produce the parts, but also simplicity. When you combine these two you get a reliable production method with more than sufficient end results.

Fast Production Rate

The biggest advantage over other methods is that plastic injection molding production is very quick with very short intervals between two processes, creating a record production speed. This in turn increases profit as you are able to produce much more product in a limited window frame. With this method you cover both quantity and quality. The speed is not standardised, it depends on the complexity of the product, but it’s worth noting that there are very short intervals between one production concludes and other commences.

Attention to Detail

There are probably some concerns when considering the speed at which the production can be done. In terms of quality, attention to detail and complexity. The only concern here should be the design. If it’s not detailed enough, the whole production quality will not suffice. If the design is detailed with regards to wall thickness, rib and boss design, proper venting, gate and welding then you can put your trust in the method to provide a high volume of items at a very fast pace.

Strength vs Flexibility

It is important to know how the part will be used, is it going to endure a lot of pressure, or is flexibility its main perk? Plastic injection methods can be precisely adjusted to find the balance between strength and elasticity. These characteristics are very much affected by the material used, too.

The Right Material

There are also plenty of options here. Before choosing the right resin it is, again, vital to understand the purpose of the item and conditions in which it will be used. To make it more simple, when you need to decide on the right material you need to consider tensile and impact strength, flexibility, water and heat absorption. When you understand the importance of each of those elements, and decide which property is essential, then you can pick the right material.

After that you can also choose color, which not only determines visual appeal, but also brings a range of properties to the table.

Think Green

High production rates make you wonder about all the plastic that is not used in the process. It is important to opt for a company that is able to recycle unused plastic. Good production matters little if the environment is endangered in the process. It is important to be smart about how the product is handled after the production is finished. Packaging and transportation need to be regarded as a regular part of the production itself with the initiative to minimize waste as much as possible.

Affordable Production

Another important angle to consider, besides quality and efficiency, is the cost. With plastic injection molding you can expect lower cost of labor as not many people are needed to maintain the machines because everything is streamlined.

When you compare high production volume with time investment you realize that the method brings quality product with speed at the same cost efficiency as some other methods that can’t provide the same results and cost more.

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