What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete and its Benefits?

With exposed aggregate concrete, you can plan finishes which are unique and that too at costs which are unbelievably reasonable. This is for the aggregate concrete you require only few basic tools along with decorative aggregate. Besides using this for your driveways, you can also plan the sidewalk or the patio with this. A surface with exposed aggregate concrete consists of textured or smooth stones besides pebbles. Exposed aggregate concrete was used during the Roman ages, in ancient times, and even Italian artists used this form as part of their sculpture-making process. Exposed aggregate concrete has a number of available textures and designs, and you can readily use them in garden pathways and in patios.

Design Ideas for Exposed Aggregate

#1. Reasons for Opting Exposed Aggregate Concrete:

  • Beauty magnified: As this offers you a choice between using different stones like granite, limestone, quartz and basalts, you can think of different designs to enhance the total look of your home. You can let your imagination fly and experiment the way you wish with this aggregate concrete.
  • Durability factor: This option of exposed aggregate concrete tends to e a durable option. That is, it works out to be long lasting without any problems. This is because this exposed aggregate concrete is resistant to heavy weight and tough weather conditions. Since exposed concrete is easy to clean and maintain, you can readily call in the professionals to polish and maintain this exposed concrete on an annual basis.
  • A convenient option: We call this a convenient option for choosing this a homeowner can think of customizing it any which way. This might not be possible with the other options available.
  • Affordable: Materials required for the exposed aggregate concrete are easily available and that too at prices which are cost-effective. Any homeowner can afford this with ease.
  • Safety ensured: Exposed aggregate concrete tends to be a preferred choice among most homeowners as this is a safe option as it is slip resistant.

#2. What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Concrete is poured with the aggregate of your choice and instead of the concrete covering these aggregates, it is sanded back exposing the surface of the aggregates, which tends to offer a beautiful look to any project be it residential or commercial. You can achieve the finish by using different techniques like concrete acid etching, blasting which is abrasive, honing and water washing. Concrete is an essentially hardcore building material, it is porous in nature, and you can easily use it in garden walls, driveways and in garage floors to enhance the resale value of your property.

#3. Choosing Professionals:

Exposed Aggregate Concrete
  • Choosing an experienced professional company who has gained a reputation for handling such projects with ease and skill can be opted for.
  • They should have the basic knowledge and information on the aggregates and which works best for a specific project. Besides this, it is important that they have the required tools so that the project is a total success.
  • Experience can make all the difference to this project as aggregate, which is manmade, can also be used. This includes pieces of glass and more.

Go through the different companies offering these services online and get the required details and information. You can contact three or more companies so that you can compare the quotes for a project. This can help you save on some money. A well-reputed concrete company ensures customer satisfaction and also advises the customer which aggregate can work best for a specific project. A little research can go a long way in ensuring that you have a unique look to our driveway or patio with the exposed aggregate concrete.

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