5 Things Involved In The Usage Of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

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Exposed aggregate concrete is a type of concrete that can be used for decorating floors, by removing the top-most layer of cement, thus revealing the aggregate underneath. So, here in this article we are going to look on some the advantages off exposed aggregate concrete.

Advantages Of Using Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The decorative aggregate tends to be very durable, intact and resistant to skid. The surface that is decorated with exposed aggregate concrete is appropriate for sidewalks, driveways and footpath.  Its distinct feature is the presence of textured, smooth pebbles and stones which are embedded on the surface. Its prominence lies in the various colors and patterns. It not only creates an impressive appearance, but also reduces costs. Some advantages of this type of concrete are:

  1. Durability: Exposed aggregate concrete has high durability because of the structural integrity of concretes involved in the complete decorative procedure. It is sturdy and can withstand heavy traffic or any other sort of heavy weight. The materials used, altogether, create a natural finishing effect and at the same time successfully sustains climatic as well as non-climatic problems or conditions, and does not damage the surface in any manner.
  2. Safety: A driveway that has its surface made up of exposed aggregate concrete is considerably safer than other driveways. This type of surfaces remains skid-resistant throughout. The layered small pebbles and stones create a certain texture on the concrete surface, which makes it non-slippery.
  3. Variety: Various materials can be added, in order to create unique patterns and designs. There are no restrictions when it comes to colors of the stones or pebbles. There is a wide range of texture as well as color to choose from. Exposed aggregate concrete has the specialty of blending with almost any pattern. The patterns can also be modified, in case you need to make changes to get subtle or bold effects, according to your preference and your definition of beauty. You have the freedom to choose from different materials – granite, limestone, quartz, or basalts – and decorate the surface as per your choice.
  4. Less Maintenance: There is not much maintenance required when it comes to exposed aggregate concrete. The surface only has to be cleaned with water occasionally. There is no special equipment needed for cleaning the surface. In case of mild stains, you can simply try sweeping or hosing. If that does not help, try pressure washing the surface. In case of severe stains, a solution of muriatic acid and water over the slab and clean the surface with a broom. While using the acid, be careful and make sure you do not contaminate any nearby water bodies.
  5. Easier to achieve: Fewer tools or equipment are required for exposed aggregate concrete. Once the materials are mixed with the concrete, they are simply laid on the surface and left to dry. There are no technical methods that you need to master. The procedure is simple and easier to learn and master, in comparison to other decorative techniques.

There are three basic methods that can be used for exposed aggregate concrete.

  • The monolithic method is the easiest method, where the aggregates are batched directly into the concrete at the concrete plant. This method is widely and commonly used, and usually smaller aggregate such as pea stone is used.
  • The seeded method is where the aggregates are immediately hand-placed or broadcast, after the concrete has been laid on the surface.
  • The overlay method is generally used on already existing concrete surfaces, which are in good shape.

If you are looking for something that is different from the normal concrete look, you should definitely go for this decorative concrete. Costs for exposed aggregate concrete may vary. However, it is less expensive than normal concrete flooring, as the aggregate materials do not require any sort of mixing, and also cover a lot of space. It is one of the best as well as cost-effective decorative options.

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