How to Choose a Contractor for Concrete Cutting

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The moment you think of redoing your office space or even your home, you need to know this involves a lot of concrete cutting. This is an ‘essential’ before any construction work is carried out. Concrete cutting is a process used for cutting of hard concrete during this work of construction. Concrete cutting tools are more often than not, only used by professionals. Getting some information on the different tools used for concrete cutting is beneficial.

Concrete Saws:

Cutting hard and dense material like concrete and stone is done using the concrete saw. For powering this equipment most of the time you require gasoline engines. There are times when electric, hydraulic pressure and pneumatic pressure are also used. Specific saws are used for specific needs.

  • The handheld cutting saw has either circular blades or chainsaws to help in complicated cuttings. The ones which are big in size are used for cutting either flooring or concrete. These saws can also be used for the cutting of tiles and ceramic and also steel. Cutting of steel with these saws is required for the plumbing work in construction.
  • Concrete floor saws are powered by either electricity or diesel. These can easily cut up to a depth of almost 600mm. The depth and speed of the cutting is determined by the operator who walks behind this machine. With the help of these, you can form trenches, cut out sections of a specific slab or form joints for expansions. In short, these saws are generally used for the cutting of surfaces which are flat like car parks, roads and other areas of construction.
  • For surfaces which are inclined professionals tend to opt for the Diamond Wall Sawing. A track attached to a surface and this track guides the saw blade to form an opening. This process is time-saving and is able to cut to a depth of almost 1000mm.

Choosing Contractors for Concrete Cutting:

As we know that most construction projects require concrete cutting in one way or another. Every contractor should have not only the required knowledge but also an experience in this process. This can ensure quality work which is neat and tidy. Considering some factors before you make a choice of a concrete cutting contractor are advisable and also beneficial.
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Few of the tips listed below can help you make the ideal choice of concrete contractors required for a specific job.

1. Check License:

It is important to make a choice of a contractor who is licensed so that you are ensured of quality services. Reliability of a specific contractor can be judged if they have the physical office as well as the website.

2. Insurance policy:

Check out the compensation policy and the liability insurance for the workers as this can save you from uncalled for expenses in case of any accidents or damage caused during this process. As we know this process of concrete cutting involves the use of heavy machinery.

3. Experience:

Concrete cutting services require experience as this ensures that the contractors are reliable and knowledgeable about the different techniques of concrete cutting saw. A well-reputed contractor tends to look into the requirements totally, in other words, inspecting the site besides the requirement of cutting the concrete.

4. Referrals:

A trusted contractor will have enough and more referrals as a proof of their job. They are confident enough to show you the proof of what they have done.

5. Safety Factor:

A well-reputed contractor who has been in this concrete cutting for a long time will ensure that all the safety measures are looked into well before starting their job.

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