Excavator Wet Hire: Why Is It Better Than Dry Hire?

While hiring excavators for heavy construction work, people can opt for two types of hire such as excavator wet hire and excavator dry hire. In both the options, an excellent excavator will be available at much affordable price and access. While hiring such heavy equipment, many a people get confused whether to hire wet or dry. Both of them have a bunch of advantages and a bunch of disadvantages. To get a clear idea about what step to be taken one needs to know about the excavator wet and dry hire. Here, you will get a complete knowledge of both the services.

What is excavator wet hire?

Excavator is a tool required in heavy construction projects. It helps in many sectors for many performances. The most important application of this machine is digging. Excavator needs an operator who will operate the components according to the projects. There are 4 components in excavator, boom, bucket, stick, and a cap.

These four components work one by one according to the requirement. Hiring excavator wet means you are going to hire a machine along with the skilled operator. The operator will help you to perform your required task in your construction site without any hassle.

What is excavator dry hire?

Unlike excavator wet hire, in dry hire you will not get any skilled operator for the job you are going to perform. Here, you will need to source your own operator to operate the tool in the construction site.

Excavator Hire

Why you should hire wet excavator?

Wet excavator has a bunch of advantages that can make you select these over the dry ones. Not only financially but also in terms of quality, management, and other fields, wet excavators are better than dry ones. The advantages are as follows:

  • Quality Maintenance: The operator that comes along with your excavator is well experienced with the machine. He will be able to handle every part of the tools efficiently, as he is familiar with it.
  • Efficiency: Professional operators are far more experienced in the same field than your own employees are. They will be able to serve you more efficiently. Besides, your employees might be probably new to this machine.
  • Economical: Excavator wet hire is much more economical than dry hire. The cost of the operator is already added to the overall rate. So, there is no chance of freelance worker’s charge like dry hire. In addition, these rates can be negotiable sometimes. Overall, economically wet hire is more lucrative than dry hire.
  • Onsite hassle: In wet hire, the agency only select and appoint the operator. The user does not need to scratch his head for monitoring and interviewing bunch of people for one task. The onsite hassle is much lesser in wet hire.
  • Onsite breakdown: In dry hire, you need to appoint only them who are much experienced in handling such machines. Hiring inexperience people can be the reason for onsite breakdown of the machine. On the other hand, with excavator wet hire, you will not face such issues, as you will already know how much experience your hired employee has before appointing him.

Things to remember:

For both the excavator hire, there are some mandatory points to consider. Especially, in case of wet hire, there are mandatory policies that one must take into account.

  • The experience span of the operator must be longer. He has to be well knowledgeable about the in and out of the machine and its operations.
  • The agency you are selecting for your excavator wet hire service must be licensed and registered company.
  • No record of onsite breakdown or other unpleasant activity onsite.

Thus, these are the reason why you should go for excavator wet hire, instead of excavator dry hire.

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