What Are the Benefits of Playing Ladies Netball with Officemates?

Office routine can be mundane and banal; this may make the employees dull. To overcome this, companies often introduce different employee engagement programs that help in better interaction. Ladies netball is a common game that you can also make a part of your office games. Playing netball is an excellent physical activity that will keep you healthy and reduce your mental stress. Plus, this is a game where you need to do teamwork and you can learn how to manage a team and play with your co-players. This will make a bond between you and your players, and this is considered as an excellent outdoor game for ladies.

Why Would You Conduct Ladies Netball Match In Your Office?

One of the primary reasons companies are now focusing on bringing in new activities like ladies’ netball is to enhance the interaction between the employees. Moreover, it has been noticed that people work in an office for longer hours feel bored and they cannot concentrate on their works anymore. As a result, they can make some mistakes in their works and it will reduce the productivity of your business. To overcome this monotony, you can introduce games like ladies’ netball.  It will boost their energy and encourage them to play the game activity, and it will develop a strong bond between your employees. During a lady’s netball match, there will be no boss and managerial positions, and all players will take equal advantages. Apart from that, playing ladies’ netball with your officemates can help them to learn decision-making skills. They need to take instant decisions to win the game and they will learn such things from a ladies’ netball match. Besides, this game brings everyone together as a team, thus enhancing team building activities amongst the employees.  Even if you are quite sure about your office culture then you can host a mixed netball match too. But, before conducting a mixed netball match, you must take permission from your officemates because some ladies won’t participate in a mixed netball match.

How Would You Conduct Ladies Netball Matches with Your Officemates?

Ladies netball not only boosts up the confidence level of your employees or co-workers, but it will help them to stay fit through physical workouts. Performance of the England Women’s Team in the last Commonwealth Games proved the health and social benefits of ladies netball, and you can simply tell your officemates to watch their matches to learn some basic skills of netball. Else, you can contact your nearest lady’s netball club to conduct some coaching sessions for your officemates or friends, and they will love to join such clubs afterward.

No matters how much time you spend in your gym, you need to learn some basic skills of ladies netball. There are some rules of this game and you need to follow such rules during matches. Plus, you must stay fit to run and jump on the ground, and you can reduce your obesity by playing netball.

Final Thoughts: You can also take the membership of different clubs that have their netball teams. The objective is to motivate the female employees and boost their morale so that they can participate in different games like ladies ‘ netball. Hectic work schedules can destroy your thinking ability, and you cannot create something new for your company. As a result, your company will face a slowdown in the market. By taking part in a netball match with your office mates can clear your mind and you can start your work with a fresh mind from the next day.

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