7 Must-Have Accessories for All Athletes

Every athlete is different. However, every athlete still has similar goals: to work hard, stay injury free, and get better at whatever athletic pursuits they spend their time on. With the following seven accessories, you’ll be sure to meet these goals more often.

First Aid Kit

No matter what type of athlete you are, there’s always a chance of minor injury. From blisters and scrapes to sprains or even breaks, having a first aid kit can help mitigate the damage, take care of bleeding, and keep you focused and pain-free.

According to the NHS, a good first-aid kit may contain bandages, sterile gauze, antiseptic cream, antihistamine tablets (in case of minor allergen exposure), eye wash, and tape. Any necessary medications or allergy information should also be included here or in another nearby location.

Foam Roller

To get the best out of any workout, you need to consider recovery times. Working out too soon after a specific session, or having a match or game soon after, can lead to injury or strain. Foam rollers, and similar, portable solutions, help reduce recovery time and condition your muscles.

Yoga Mat

Stretching is a must before any type of physical activity. It makes a great warm-up all on its own and can also help prevent injury and promote recovery after a strenuous workout.

A good yoga mat can make any place a great place to stretch, no matter what the flooring underneath is like. Not only does it provide just the right amount of cushion, but it also offers excellent traction.

Good Shoes

What qualifies as a good pair of shoes will vary based on the activities you participate in. However, having the right shoes, or at least shoes that can be flexible, is essential.

If you participate in sports that don’t require shoes (like judo), things like road work and complimentary workouts are still necessary. For ice hockey players and ice skaters, good shoes are still needed for off-ice conditioning, strength training, and technique training for spins and balance.

Athletic Tape or Wraps

As an athlete, you realize that not every part of your body is as active as another. Whether due to overuse, lack of conditioning, or just your genetic makeup, occasionally you need a little extra stability or support.

Athletic tape can provide this. Wraps can, too, but may need to be used sparingly. However, wraps can also be used in a variety of scenarios to protect your hands. Other types of protection may be sport-specific, like baseball arm sleeves.

The Right Socks

Wearing the wrong socks can reduce traction and stability in many sports. They can also lead to increased friction on ankles and feet, leading to small abrasions and rough patches. Certain types of socks may also be more likely to harbor bacteria to allow fungus to thrive. Always look for breathable socks in a material your skin reacts well to, when possible.

Portable Specialty Training Gear

No matter what sport you’re involved in, or what athletic activities you pursue, there are small, portable training aids out there meant to help you get the most out of every minute you spend. Investing in one or two pieces may help you do more, no matter what you happen to go.

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