How Important is Live Chat for Your Website?

Online Customer Support has earned a high reputation in recent years. The credit goes to, the level of expectation, in terms of promptness, expected by the customers online. In the ever evolving digital age, each day customers want more, therefore it is very important for the organizations or brands to deliver a unique experience every time. These experiences can be with respect to the customer service. There are multiple elements that inspire customer service;

  • Timeliness: Responding real-time to the customers in resolving their queries online.
  • Knowledge: Having thorough knowledge of product or services that are offered.
  • Courtesy: Bringing the human emotion to a brand when responding to the customer.

These elements help in crafting a brilliant strategy for the website, especially with respect to the customer service experience. Initially, online customers would connect with the company by calling upon a toll free or a regular customer care number followed by emails. Though, these mediums are brilliant in delivering a good customer care experience, it lacks in the department of timeliness. When a customer calls a call-centre number, on an average, he waits in the queue for 2-3 minutes. This waiting time can make or break a relationship. It can be a frustrated customer waiting in the queue reaching his boiling point. Such scenarios ultimately lead to a bad review of the website on multiple review sites, building a storm of bad reputation. This storm can destroy an organization.  To avoid such scenarios, websites across the world have installed live support software.

This software is an excellent way to deal with the customers online. It abides by all the 3 elements of a good customer service approach. It is real-time, operated by a knowledge customer care executive and responded by a courteous human. Apart from these elements, this online customer support helps in multiple ways for a great website experience, for the customer as well as the brand, here’s how;

Makes it human:

A real human seeks security when raising a query or a complaint on a website. If he is responded by a robot, the level of security drops. Therefore, having a trained customer care executive to respond to these questions is not a luxury but a necessity to build brand loyalty.


A live support software installation is a one-time process. Based on the package chosen by you, a number of resources will be allocated for multiple functions. Usually, it is observed, through intense training model, limited resources can perform multiple tasks, saving costs for the website.


The key to a brilliant customer experience is real-time response mechanism. This highlights the caring and prompt attitude of the website.


An online chat support provides detailed analysis of the customer behaviour on a given website. These analysis cover vital information such as the number of visitors, most visited pages, most items purchased, payment methodology etc. This can help in building future strategy for business expansion.

A live chat support is the need of the hour for any established website seeking to gain maximum reach, engagement and loyalty. These also result in higher sales for the organization. Rev Chat offers online chat software for your website. You can choose the package that suits you best and get started!

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