Adding a Decorative Touch to Cakes

Talk about cakes and most people are lost in a world of chocolate, vanilla, sponge, cream, fluff and utter delight. They have been around for centuries, have pleased the palates of princes and peasants alike and are used in almost every occasion you can think of. There are so many different kinds of cakes available that online cake ordering is a happy challenge that many people have to take up, especially when it comes to cakes as gifts!

But just like any other gift, it’s not just the principal body of the cake that brings pleasure to people. Even the decorations and icing used makes a lot of difference. Here are some great options in icing for you to choose from for the next time you select a cake or your loved one.

  1. Buttercream – Butter and cream. Two words that can make even weight-conscious people smack their lips in anticipation. When they come together as an icing, they yield a sweet and heavy-on-butter flavour that tastes great with almost any kind of cake.
  2. Flavoured buttercream – If you want the above mixture to taste even more delicious then add a hint of vanilla, almond or chocolate to it. Depending on the extra ingredient used, the consistency of the usually thin or stiff icing can change to even medium consistency.
  3. Chocolate icing – There really isn’t much we need to talk about this type of icing! Most varieties of chocolate icing are available to be used immediately; you don’t have to thin it or mix it with any other flavour to make it more special.
  4. Meringue flavoured – If the person you are sending the gift to has a really sweet tooth then make your cake icing extra sweet too! Use meringue flavoured icing which usually get the consistency of crystals thus making them useful for large and long-lasting designs on the cake.
  5. Whipped cream – Adding a dollop of whipped cream to a cup of cold or hot coffee or on a piece of simple apple pie makes the beverage or dessert more delicious. Use this icing with a satiny finish, either unflavoured or mixed with flavours such as chocolate and vanilla to make your cake extra special.

Generally, icings yield colours such as white, off-white or pastel shades. Some icing, however, yield very dark and deep colours, so choose you’re icing according to the colours they will yield after setting too. You wouldn’t like pink, strawberry flavoured cake look garish with an icing in red. You could instead add a contrasting colour like pure snowy to the edges of the cake or in the designs used on the cake.

Talking about designs used on cakes – there are endless options for you. There are some really unusual cakes with customised designs such as people’s faces, funny signs or wordings on them. There are plenty o traditional designs for you to choose from as well – roses, sweet peas, lilies of the valley, baby’s breath, flowers, stars, etc. are a few more common examples.

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