5 Car Accessories That Makes Car Travelling More Exciting and Stylish

Indian automobile industry has grown a lot in the past 10 years. The private car segment in terms of production, sales and export has grown the fastest.  With favorable policies to increase the production in the markets, exports have shoot by 22% during the same period of time.

In India car accessories is a latest concept which has grown popularity in recent times with growing usage of high end cars.

Today the car market is divided into internal and outdoor car accessories. Interior car accessories are most popular among youths of India. Although small cars are ideal choice of Indian consumers, the tendency of with high-tech accessories in cars is rising quickly. Organized players are also growing their service offerings by opening more branded stores and making their products more easily available to large audience.

International players are also prevailing in the Indian market with proliferation of some unique designs and advance technology in the market which leads to overall increase in market growth.

Today you will find a lot of useful accessories which are not only essential but most useful for you daily commuting. We have put across some common problems which we face every day during our daily travel to our offices or for your business trip.

Problem 1:  No Space to Put Bottles or dishes in the car

Try this Car Multifunctional Tray/ Car Restaurant table/ Car Drink Holder.  Well this is Multifunctional Tray is used as a table or Drink Holder during the travelling. This is a very useful tray which can used to place drinks, foods, and any small things you want. You can even fold the tray after using it. 

It holds cups, bottles or cans and your meal at the same time.  It’s very Easy to use and multifunctional.

Problem 2: I am felling like Sitting in Hot Cooker after I take a seat on my Parked Car.

Try This: This small fan will keep your car cool even on the hottest days. It keeps a nontoxic,   cool environment when you return on your car.

You can place this Auto cool vent on top of glass of the window, then close and lock the car. Its solar panel uses sunlight – not the car’s electrical wiring or batteries – to power the built-in fan.

Problem 3: Usually my thing got slipped from my dashboard

Try This: This small Slip Car Dashboard Magic Mat Pad can  hold most of your small gadgets such as cell phones, CD/DVD etc.  Its even Hold things in place when driving in the curve region, bumps or unexpected stop, etc

Problem 5: Need something which can Hold My expensive Mobile.

Try This: Universal car mobile holder allows mounting you cell phone, PDA, Mp3 Player, GPS navigation unit. Conveniently mounts to windshield via suction cup or clips on to the A/c vent. Its safe and cushion face grip arms grasp strongly. Your device can be mounted on the holder either horizontally or vertically.

So hope you like these car accessories if you have some better ideas for the above mentioned problem feel free to comment here.

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