A Skilled Photographer Makes Real Difference Models and Actors Headshots

There is a difference between models and actors. The difference is in the world that they represent. And headshots are related to the image building process if the concerned person or the organization he or she represents. Naturally, there is a fundamental difference between the model’s headshots and actor’s headshots. They both belong to the film world and so the package must be the same. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The greatest comedian in the film world is always portrayed as a tramp. That was the image to the movie lovers, and this is what made the tramp image icon. But the model is the brand ambassador and has to play different roles under different brands. Therefore, two cannot be equated.

Actor HeadShot
Actor HeadShot

The Right Costume

Selecting the right dress is always an important factor for the aspiring models below mentioned are few things that need to be considered while taking the models and actors headshots.

  • The most important part of the photo shoot is to present the person. Therefore, the costume plays a significant role. Selecting right costume is essential.
  • It has to be remembered that the model or the actor in the photo shoot is branding their image and not the costume.
  • Therefore, the costumes must not have prominent logo of the company unless the shoot is purposely done to present before a particular brand.
  • The attire must be smart, clean and unfurled. Care should be taken that costume must be supportive and not the primary focus.
Model Headshots
Model Headshots

The Photographer’s Guide

The photographers also have the duty to educate the customer. The photographer must understand the exact requirement and the purpose of the models and actors headshots session and guide the client accordingly.

  • The photographer in consultation with the client should focus on the theme of the photo shoot.
  • It has to be planned whether it needs indoor or outdoor shooting.
  • In case of outdoor shooting, the time of shoot and the background is most important. If the shoot is in the backyard, then the photographer should know the lightening condition of the area.
  • The background color of the natural foliage is necessary to match the personality with the background.
Actor Headshots
Actor Headshots

Portraying the Theme

The primary job of a professional photographer is to identify the characteristics of the face and match it with the profession. If the face looks like the boy or the girl living next door, then the duty of the photographer will be to enhance the quality. In order to make it look like a corporate honcho, you will need a heavy makeup and damage the quality of the entire job. A professional looking headshot is to present the person in true perspective. A headshot is not a mask to wear. The headshots of established actors are to portray the public image and to enhance that image, but for aspiring actors the role of the photographer is crucial. Therefore, the photographer must compose the face and place the image in the best possible scenario and boost that image.

Model Headshot
Model Headshot

The Professional Approach

The main thing here is to understand the requirement and to plan the theme. The next important part is selecting the proper costume. If the theme is diverse, then the costume requirement will need to be diverse.  It is not the same style outfit in different colors. The actor or the model may want to go for headshots as a business executive and also for a college student; naturally the same costume will not go well. And the most important part is getting natural photograph. A tensed or mechanical smile will spoil the entire effort of the headshots. And that makes the difference between a professional and an amateur.

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