A Little Information about Ricoh Printers

The Ricoh is a Japanese multinational company providing imaging and electronics solutions to the world. Ricoh is known for manufacturing electronic products like printers, photocopiers, cameras, fax machines etc. It became the largest copier manufacturer in late 1990s through early 2000s.
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Why you should choose Ricoh Printers?

Ricoh manufactures wide variety of printers for different purposes. It has a variety of small and compact home use printers, powerful office jets, laser printers and much more. Ricoh specialty is its Gel jet technology that it is using for several years. This technology instead of using water-based or pigmented inks uses fast-drying gels. Earlier these Gel jet printers were used by corporate users, but Ricoh brought a revolution and launched its more squeezed and less expensive printers for reaching out homes and small businesses.
As per Ricoh this viscid gel-based inks don’t ‘bleed’ like conventional inks. It therefore gives better results even on ordinary office paper. When you are looking for printer for you, you are definite to choose the best that fits into all your requirements.
  • Ricoh printers are very Compatibility: The Ricoh printers are very compatible with your computer system. Ricoh provide printers that are easily compatibility with our different electronic gadgets.
  • It manufactures very User Friendly printers: Ricoh printers are user friendly and they have provided easy to understand and use functionalities to all its printers.
  • Reliability is the main mantra of Ricoh: Ricoh is well known for providing quality products. These printers are free from any breakdowns, problems like jamming of papers, etc. These printers rarely involve any maintenance amount and so these are easy on your pockets.
  • Time Saving: Time is an important aspect of life. Especially, when working on some project or during a conference you require getting printouts at a very fast rate. Therefore, the printer speed is one of the basic feature you should look out, when buying a new printer. Ricoh manufactures printers with high Pages per Minute (PPM). Ricoh has a wide range of printers having with variable PPM.
  • Minimal Ink Usage: Ricoh printers lag behind when it comes to its ink utilization. Some of its low range printers use a little more ink than all other printers, and hence increasing the running costs. But its higher range printers offer good ink utilization and hence decreasing its running cost.
  • Clarity and Quality: The clarity of the printouts is very important. The higher quality printouts are always preferred everywhere. Sometimes, the documents even get rejected because of the poor quality of the printouts. In order to avoid this, the Ricoh printers have more than 300 DPI (Dots per Inch) counts. And their intrinsic Gel based ink is the perfect solution for getting higher clarity and quality.

Ricoh printers are available from very basic printers with no built-in scanner, lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, copying functions, and no double-sided printing. But this low budget will be still far better than the printers that are available for this price.
Its entire printer is way better when compared with the printers of the same cost. These printers give good performance for a very affordable price. Ricoh’s Gel jet technology is a breakthrough technology when printing graphics on plain paper. Unluckily some of its printers have high running costs even for basic mono printing which make it a little less opted printer in the market. But the higher price variants provide good running cost and better ink utilization. Ricoh has now spread its wings all over the world. The Japanese Quality assures a high performance and durability. The wide variety of options available in Ricoh printers is a plus point as they now attract a wider range of customers.

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