Facts About Body Building That Are Necessary To Get A Sculpted Male Figure

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Men who achieve the lofty goal of getting the ideal body look as if sculpted by heavenly hands. The ideal male figure is statuesque and resembles the finesse of the Greek and Roman statues. However, to achieve that ideal figure you need to go through some rigorous steps to craft your body. Getting an impressive physique does not involve mindless exercises in the gym. It is all about shaping the body according to symmetrical proportions and structuring the muscle training routine towards achieving such ideal proportions.

competitive sports or bodybuilding
competitive sports or bodybuilding

Know the proportions of the Grecian figure

In order to get the sculpted look you need to get the proportions correct and the right body measurements. The perfect male body is X-shaped. It implies that the body proportions should resemble the figure X. You need to have broad and muscular shoulders, narrow waist and strong, muscular legs for the ideal figure. The flexed calves should match the flexed arms and the circumference of the shoulder should be exactly 1.618 times larger than the circumference of your waist.

Eat right to get the right body

Achieving a statuesque body is no mean feat. You need to have an extremely disciplined lifestyle and cut down on any sort of alcoholic stuff or deep fried and greasy food. You may keep on working out but to get your desired physique the right diet is very important.

  • Egg white is the best food for people in competitive sports or bodybuilding. It is widely known as the muscle building food as it is high in protein with a protein to fat ratio of 60:1. This high protein is easily incorporated by the body for protein synthesis.

  • Lean meat like chicken and turkey are very necessary for an ideal figure. They are muscle builders and should be included in a bodybuilder’s diet. Apart from muscle building they also have very low trans fat or saturated fat.

  • Fatty acid and omega-3 are essential for an impressive physique. Fish like salmon, tuna, sardines and trout are the best sources of high protein, essential fats, fatty acids and omega-3.

  • Beans and legumes are wonderful sources of protein and fiber necessary for bodybuilders.

  • Lastly, water is very necessary to keep you hydrated and prevent you from looking dried up.

4 exercises that you must do to get a sculpted figure

You may go through several muscle building programs and weight training routines but you must follow these 4 steps to have the desired body. Following these are necessary to achieve your goal easily as it keeps your muscle training focused on the correct proportions.

  • Dumbbell bench press helps to build up a broad and muscular chest effectively. You need to train the shoulder and chest muscles of the body to get the perfect masculine appearance. Bench press or push press performed with 100% of your body weight for at least 6 reps. helps to get the ideal torso.

  • Pull-ups are one of the best exercises that you can do to build up the perfect V-shaped torso. At least 12 pull-ups in a row are very necessary for those who opt for competitive sports or body building.

  • Train your calves multiple times a week as getting the right muscular calves are very tough. Create a separate calf workout schedule and perform single-leg and double leg calf raises. You must also practice the seated calf raise. These are the toughest to achieve but you must not ignore them if you want the ideal body of your dreams.

  • While low fat diet can help you achieve a narrower waist, the plank is a good way to exercise your abdominal muscles to get the crafted figure. You need to train your transverse abdominal muscles to keep your stomach pulled in and give you the ideal X-shaped male body.

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