Why Speed Humps Are Necessary On Roads?

A speed hump is mainly known as undulation, road hump and even as speed ramp. It is primarily a rounded form of traffic calming device, which is mainly used for reducing the speed of a vehicle. It is even used as a volume on the residential street. Humps are primarily positioned across the road, with the main aim of slowing down the traffic. Sometimes, these are installed in series of humps, with the main aim of preventing cars from speeding before and even after the hump. Some of the common hump shapes available are circular, parabolic and sinusoidal.

What is the usual speed limit to be maintained at the humps?

speed bumps
speed bumps
During most of the instances, humps are 12 feet to 14 feet in length and span the road’s width. There is a difference in the height as well, and it ranges from 3 inches to 4 inches.
  • The height and length of the speed humps are used to determine the speed, through which, traffic is likely to travel over these devices.
  • The items, with greater heights and shorter lengths, are used to slowing down the speed of cars in a drastic manner. Sometimes, humps are associated with warning signs, which are used to notify the motorists about the location of humps.
  • It even has a tapered edge, which is located nearer to the curb. It provides a gap for the drainage system.
  • These humps are placed on residential areas and are primarily avoided on bus routes, major roads, primary emergency response routes and more.
Comparing with the speed bumps:
There is a slight comparison with speed bumps, which ensure that humps are best suited for many subjects. A Recent study shows that with the help of these items, there is an average reduction of nearly 18% in traffic volume and with nearly 13%reduction in road collisions.

rubber speed humps
rubber speed humps
  • Even though, the humps are more or less similar to speed bumps but are considered less aggressive, during lower speed. The narrow section of bumps creates problems with drivers when they pass cars over them at high speed. On the other hand, the humps comprise of relatively longer slopes, which can accelerate the vehicle in present vertical direction.
  • Bumps are used to slow cars to 5mhp to 10 mph, and those that are made of rubber, are more efficient and they can be maintained for a long time.
  • For improving pedestrian safety and reinforcing the stop signs, humps are most suitable than speed bumps. It helps in reducing the present accidental risks on driveways, private residential streets and in parking lots, as well.
Benefits of humps:
Humps are made out of two different types of material groups. It can be made either using recycled plastic or any form of rubber, or it can be made using traditional materials like concrete bumps or asphalt. Well, the former group comprises of major benefits. The materials are 100% recycled products, which mean you can use them, as many times you want. The products never need painting and come handy with the easy installation procedure. These can be installed with the help of only one person.

speed humps
speed humps
Importance of recycled rubber materials
The recycled rubber materials, used for manufacturing speed humps are removable for pavement maintenance and snow plowing. The items are no doubt cost effective. You can use it for years of optimal performance and with low maintenance features. There are primarily four different types of mounting hardware’s available for you to choose from some reputed vendors. The products are extremely light in weight and easily portable.
The best part is that you are free from renting any heavy machinery for its installation procedure. The entire procedure comes handy with one-man work. Speed humps are what you exactly need, it’s the best way for the safety for you on roads!

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