Why He Didn’t Ask You Out on A Second Date

Guys can be jerks, we all know this.  If you went on a date with a guy and he hasn’t called you and asked you out for a second date, there may actually be a reason.  We asked our friends from a dating site called loveawake.com why many girls seem to be doing well getting the first date, but for some reason, can’t seem to get a second date.

You didn’t offer to pay:

You should ALWAYS offer to pay.  Most guys will pay regardless, but not offering to pay for at least your share is just plain rude.  If you seemed like you were taking advantage of a free dinner, which is tacky anyway, there will definitely NOT be a second date.  When the check comes, just offer!

You talked too much about yourself:

Sure you could be confident, but don’t be vain!  If you’re going on and on about yourself, he is not going to want to come back for seconds.  Keep the conversation so that both of you are talking and it’s not a jam packed session about you!

You talked about your ex-boyfriends:

Never bring up an ex on the first date.  There is no reason to bring him up, especially if you’re saying you’re still great friends.  No one wants to hear that.

Cell phone shenanigans:

Keep your phone in your purse and on silent.  It is SO rude to take a call, and texting is even ruder!


Don’t talk like a sailor on your first date.  Hopefully, you don’t really talk like a sailor and are fooling him, but just be a lady.  Also, don’t burp, that’s just gross.

Obvious pre-date lies:

This goes for online dating sites.  If you’re 200 pounds and you say you’re 130 pounds, he is not going to be happy and as a result not going to call you for a second date.  He may even slip off to the bathroom and never return.

He met someone else:

Since this was only your first date, he could have had a better first date with someone else.  He also might have rekindled an old flame.  You never know.  If you don’t get a call within about a week from the date, just move on.

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