Return on Investment – Social Media Metrics!

The good news – whether using owned, earned, or paid targeted metrics, the social media RoI can be measured. The social media provides the digital world metrics that are great for measuring RoI and brand awareness. To get your desired RoI you need to understand first what do you want to attain and for how many months or years you want to invest in your success mantra. Once, that is done, then start measuring the results accordingly.

Following are some metrics that let you measure your social media return on investment:


It is the business cohort in terms of any product launch or branding activities. Twitter does not help in catching the eyes of its spectators but also generates great results. To measure these results you need to find the solution to these questions:

  • How frequently your hashtags are being used?
  • The number of organic followers you got while the promotion was on?
  • If sponsored tweets are your thing then what is the conversion rate for the same?
  • How often was your vanity domain used?


Facebook is another social media platform that connects the world altogether under one digital umbrella. To promote a campaign, Facebook provides tools that enhance any marketing metrics:

  • How many people clicked on your campaign or on action buttons?
  • Were you able to generate enough as compared to what you spent on a Facebook ad?

Note: if you do not know how to market your business with the data you have driven online then Firstlogic Solutions can help you in the right manner as social media platforms are extremely powerful if one knows how to use these.

Blogger Metrics:

Understanding the success rate is not that difficult as it seems. If you know how to utilize various blogger outreach programmes, then the best results can be obtained for any marketing plan. To simplify this, you just need to answer the below-mentioned questions:

  • Do you know the numbers of bloggers who wrote about you?
  • Do you know the number of comments you got on these posts?
  • Do you know the number of post shares you obtained on various social media platform?
  • How much you have to input in order to generate such an output rate?


YouTube is considered the most popular website for video content today in the world. How YouTube can participate in the marketing campaign of a business can only be understood by companies that used it as a medium in their initial years of business. Are you asking these questions in order to measure your RoI?

  • The number of views you received on the video?
  • The number of likes and favourite you received?
  • How many people subscribed to your channel?
  • The number of social shared you obtained?

Simply put, these are a couple of metrics that helps a business get what it wants. There are a plethora of other metrics, but the usage of these depend upon the goals of your business and how do you want to achieve these. 


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