What to Expect With Tyre Services

Tyre care and tyre service is important in the commercial segment and that is why car care centres are found around in the vicinity of almost all national highways. Promptness is so important while travelling that is why professional tyre breakdown companies are found. There are over hundreds of tyre steel wheels that are spread through the length and breadth, and ensure free customer access point. These centres are equipped with computerised wheel alignment, quality balancing for wheels, rotation of tyres, air care, and a plethora of other services too.

A flat tyre service centre can help you whenever or wherever the need arises.


The services that these centres provide include:

  • Inflation Pressure Check
  • Tyre Rotation
  • Tyre Service
  • Tyre Repairs

Tyre life and safety can be maximised by regular check of tyre condition, inflation pressure, and have the tyres rotated and balanced. Tyre replacement may be necessary if the tread depth is below the minimum legal requirement. Tyre replacement also becomes crucial when the sidewalls are severely cracked or punctured.

Choose the right tyre service:

It is important to choose the correct tyre for your vehicle. This selection means that you choose tyre by size. You can also check the tyre pattern or on the basis of the vehicle. Know your wheels, because if proper attention is not given and understanding is missing, it may lead to trouble.

Tyre knowledge means the basic knowledge about passenger cars and radial tyres. It provides technical advice for passenger cars and multi utility vehicle, radial tyres, and tubes. The correct tyre knowledge will also prevent common tyre/tube damages occurring most frequently to car’s tyres/tubes.

Tyre maintenance:

Tyre service or tyre care provide with the basic advice for all those dealing with the radial tyre and tubes for passenger cars and multi-utility vehicles. This will further equip you with the nitty-gritties of tyre care. Thus, it will enable you to get the most out of your tyres and tubes. They check for the right kind of air pressure, sufficient depth of the tread, irregularities when it comes to wear and tear and other similar issues.

What To Expect With Tyre Services

The benefits of the tyre services:

It is beneficial to register with the countrywide networks of Tyre Services as they help you in the following ways-

  • Wherever and whenever you need the service
  • Fast and dependable puncture repair
  • No restrictions on the brand of the tyre

Tyre care and maintenance:

The vehicle handling and safety is important. The performance of tyre depends on the right degree of inflation of the tyre. The load per tyre in the vehicle should be maintained. Both under inflation and over inflation on the tyre affects the shell life of the tyre. Inflation, which is less than required is more common than over inflation.

Tyre Service and safety


Proper selection of tyres for the vehicle is important to ensure safe operation. The points to consider here are-

    • Vehicle type (passenger or goods)
    • Type of load carried
    • Speed and sustained operations
    • Type /Rim combination (Tyre Size and Rim Profile)
    • Operating conditions –types of Roads
    • Tyre pattern requirements

The awareness about the right pressure to maintain with the load carried is prime concern and must be well maintained. The ideal tyre performance can be achieved by inflating the tyre in correct pressure. If one portion of the truck or one part may be heavily overloaded due to improper distribution of loading area, it can cause serious damage to the tyres. Load distribution not balanced properly combined with extra speed and long hauls upshot fast and premature wearing, which leads to removal of tyres. So, do ensure you find the right tyre services.

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