Tips for Road Safety We Often Ignore

Small driving mistakes many of us make regularly might go unnoticed, but they could lead to deadly accidents. Practicing common sense and following the law can help make sure your next drive is a safe one.

Bad driving habits can result is car damage, hefty fines, injury, and even death. You could be driving five minutes from home or states away on vacation when an accident occurs and have to contact help, like a truck accident attorney in Pittsburgh.

Prevent road rage

Driving angry or upset can make you more likely to be an aggressive driver and put yourself and others in danger. Leaving on time or putting on relaxing music in the car can help keep you calm if you’re prone to getting angry.

Obey speed limits

Going a little over the sped limit can seem tempting when you’re running late, and many of us are guilty of it. We might think we’re capable of driving safely at higher speeds, but the speed limits are set for good reasons and help protect us from accidents and injury.

Keep headlights on

Some states don’t have specific laws requiring you to have headlights turned on at night, but keeping them on at night and in bad weather will allow you to see more of your surroundings. Using high beams in rural areas when there are no other vehicles close by is also a good practice, but keeping them on in residential and city areas can blind other driver and make it difficult to focus on the road.

Check blind spots

Drivers should be aware of where the blind spots in their car are. Checking over your shoulder and in the mirror when your changing lanes, pulling out of a parking spot, and making a three-point turn ensure you’re not missing pedestrians or other cars.

Yield right of way

Be aware of when other drivers have the right of way to avoid a collision. Be careful even when you have the right of way and never assume other drivers are aware or respect it.

Follow traffic lights

Yellow lights aren’t meant for driving to sped up to make it through before the light turns yellow. When possible, stop for a yellow light to prevent accidents at intersections. Some may run through red lights when it seems like they’re the only ones of the road, but other traffic can come on quickly, and your car could get caught on a red light camera.

Use a seat belt

Some say that wearing a seat belt is slightly uncomfortable or that they’re not necessary on short trips, but this thought process can risk lives. Wearing a seatbelt is the most effective way of protecting yourself in an accident.

Put down your phone

Not every state restricts cell phone use for drivers but looking at your phone while driving is a terrible idea for even the most experienced drivers. All of your attention should be focused on the road to be a good driver and distraction from cell phones even for a few seconds can be deadly.

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