Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Boxing Gloves

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Well, if you are into boxing, then you must know what is the role of the gloves. If you are a beginner or keen to opt for boxing as a career, then there are some important things that you need to ponder. To improve the quality of the training and getting used to firm punches, choosing the right gloves has a vital role to play. As getting yourself into wrong gloves can often irritate you and moreover can cause harm as there will not be a steady grip. Well, buying a boxing glove is not as easy as you think. There are certain things that you must acknowledge, and what is the main purpose, i.e. either sparring or training.

Also, when you reach out to buy the gloves focus on the fundamental properties of the gloves:

1. Support

Support plays an important role when selecting the boxing gloves, as it’s the deciding factor in your comfort of wearing and using them. While choosing the gloves, you must see whether it provides proper support to the thumb, your knuckles, as well as your wrist.

2. Protection

The gloves must be protecting your joints and fingers, thumb, and wrist when you use them either for training or for competitions. The glove selection must be based on the material it is made from, for example, synthetic leather or real leather, whether the gloves have a flat face or a spongy face, and other such factors.


Boxing Gloves

Does Size Matters?

Yes, size does matter a lot when you select the boxing gloves. The size depends on certain criteria such as it must be comfortable when you wrap them on your hand, wrist, and fingers, it must perfectly fit into them. You must not forcibly try fitting your hands into them or the gloves forcing to shape your hand according to its design, it must have excellent cushion qualities in-order to protect your hand from any kind of jerks or twists.

How To Calculate The Size?

Specific pre-defined gloves sizes are defined based on their usages like for sparring generally the 14-16 Oz gloves are used, 10-16 Oz for training and 10-12 Oz for competitions. The size of the gloves is usually in correspondence with its weight but this is not always the case.

You can manually calculate the size of your glove with a simple method, i.e. use inch tape and wrap it around your hand just below the knuckles and note down the hand circumference in inches. Then use the size chart to determine the size of the glove you need. The size chart follows:

•    6” – 7.5” circumference, 12oz

•    7.5” – 8.5” circumference, 14oz

•    8.5” – 9.5” circumference, 16oz

•    9.5” and above circumference, 18oz or 20oz

Important Points To Consider While Buying The Type Of Gloves:

•    Flexibility is important while purchasing a glove for martial arts

•    When you are hitting heavy bags and mitts, buy thick padded gloves

•    If you are training to get in the ring, you must buy heavy gloves, i.e. 14Oz and above

•    Whereas when you are getting in the ring for competition, lightweight gloves are preferable (10 Oz and below)

•    If you are a beginner, buy all-purpose gloves.

To Choose From Leather Gloves or Vinyl Gloves: The leather gloves are the preferable choice, as they last for a long time, whereas the vinyl gloves are cheaper than the leather gloves but have no much use than often used for cardio boxing gloves. The leather gloves last for long and are highly resistant to thousands of speed impacts and to tear and scrapes.


While buying boxing gloves, the color, textures, and look are just secondary, whereas buying them with complete knowledge about the type, make, and its support and protection features also play a significant role. Hence, you must buy gloves that provide all the above-discussed features.

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