The Types Of Law Firms

A law firm is a business organization started by a few lawyers to practice law as a profession. The benefit of law firms is that you can get lawyers from all spheres under one roof, be it a criminal lawyer or a civil lawyer. The primary function of a law firm is to provide legal assistance to clients. There are several kinds of law firms like professional corporations or professional associations.

Types Of Law Firms:

  • A solo law firm: These kinds of law firms are started by a solo lawyer. A solo law firm is budget-friendly as a single lawyer looks into all the legal matters of the clients. A solo law firm provides legal assistance on a variety of matters, such as patent law or family law. The only con of a solo law firm is that the single lawyer may not have the experience or proficiency of a big law firm with several partners.
  • A small law firm: These law firms are also known as boutique law firms. The number of lawyers working in this law firm is limited from two to ten members. They are quite similar to solo law firms, but the scope of proficiency is more as cases can be discussed between the lawyers instead of one lawyer taking all the legal decisions.
  • Large law firms: These law firms are also referred to as full-service law firms. They consist of many lawyers and thousands of employees. The employees of large law firms include lawyers, administrative staff, librarians, paralegals and many others. Moreover, large law firms include all kind of legal works, ranging from civil to criminal to business under one roof.
  • Criminal law firms: These law firms consist of lawyers who are specialized in criminal law. They deal with several crimes such as fraud, murder or adultery. A criminal lawyer is hired when a person is charged with a criminal offence. The work of criminal lawyers involves a risk factor.
  • Litigation law firms: These law firms deal with matters relating to litigation. Litigation law firms represent clients in the court and advise and assist them through the entire case. They take the entire responsibility from investigating to trial and settlement of the case.
  • Transactional law firms: These law firms deal in corporate legalities like property and insurance.

How To Start Your Law Firm:

  • The very first step to start your law firm is determination. Do not listen to pessimists who might refrain you from opening your law firm. You should be confident about your decision.
  • The next step is proper planning and choice of the area of law you would choose for your law firm. Before starting a law firm in any area of law, you should gain prior experience in that area.
  • The next and very important step for opening law firms is building up a proper network. You should meet and inform lawyers from both your area of work and other areas that you are starting a law firm. They can refer your firm to prospective clients. This will enhance your network and contacts.
  • Create your website so that prospective clients can get your information online. You can hire a good web designer to design your website.
  • You can join lawyer’s organizations who will recommend you to clients.
  • The most important step in opening law firms is your competence. Once you start winning case for your clients, your law firm will prosper and become famous. But you must be patient and hard working.

The article is an overview of lawyers and law firms. You can read the article to gather information on the types of law firms and how to start your law firm.

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