Restaurant Cleaning Ideas and Tips

Running a successful restaurant has always been a challenge. Whether it is the quality of food, quality of service, or just changing trends, there are countless reasons restaurants have failed in the past. Sadly, in the last two years, we have experienced another obstacle – the pandemic.

As the country started to reopen, restaurants have struggled to prove to the public and the authorities that they are safe places to be and that they are clean enough to be visited by many people per day. In order to keep the restaurants clean, the owners need to consider a lot of disparate things. Apart from the obvious one, the kitchen, there are also other important areas to pay attention to. We asked cleaning experts at Arrow Commercial Pressure Washing to tell us what type of cleaning different areas require and how often.

The Dining Area

Let’s start with the part of the restaurant the diners are most interested in – the sitting area. After all, your patrons will be sitting there, and they want to feel safe and see that it is clean. That means that everything should be cleaned between the visitors – and I mean everything.

This includes the table, chairs, the coat hanger, all of the items on the table (such as the condiments), as well as the hand rests, door knobs, and light fixtures. Another important thing you can do is use disposable paper napkins instead of reusable ones. Even though it might feel less fancy, it is safer for everyone.

Once the people notice how meticulous you are with cleaning, they will be much more likely to feel relaxed and come back. Just make sure not to use too strongly scented cleaning supplies – most people don’t want to smell all that while they eat.

Clean the Communal Areas Often

Even though it is not possible to clean the common areas, such as the hallway and the toilets between every guest, you should still not neglect those areas. Have your custodial staff go over these areas at least once a day, and preferably more often.

This cleanliness tip is not only viable during the pandemic, but also in general. Having a decent looking communal area is really important for the good impression people will get about your restaurant.

The Bar Gets Dirty, Often

If your establishment has a bar, you should be extra careful to keep it clean and tidy, even more so than the dining area. Keep a sanitizing solution close at hand and use it as soon as the patron has left. People get less careful when they drink, and that is true for health considerations as well.

Outside the Restaurant

We often forget that the impressions of restaurant patrons start before they ever step into the restaurant. It is likely that it starts when they make reservations – so make sure people answering the phones are pleasant and helpful.

When it comes to the restaurant itself, there are a few things you can do to boost your curb appeal. For one thing, make sure that the restaurant sign is visible and clear, so your visitors don’t have to search for the restaurant. Another big thing you can do is have your parking and entry pressure washed – the cleanliness of the asphalt will be transferred to the cleanliness of your restaurant in your visitors’ minds.

Running a successful business means using every advantage that presents itself to you. Keeping your restaurant clean is not only good because people will visit more, but also because we already have enough things on our minds, and having a restaurant that cares for you is just the thing we all need right now.

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