Proper Clothes Storage To Avoid Moths

If you are planning to put your winter woollies away for the summer now the warm weather has hit us, it can be hard to find the solution to prevent moths from infesting them. Moths are some of the most persistent pests out there, and they’ve eaten through a lot of people’s expensive and cherished items.

Here are some great storage tips to make sure you are one step ahead of moths at all times.

  • Clothing that is quite large and won’t fold easily (like big items of knitwear) should be put in air-tight plastic bags or boxes to make sure they’re protected from moths.
  • Invest in some air tight bags and boxes for the storage of any fabrics. It means they are always tightly sealed and shut, meaning they become completely inaccessible to moths.
  • Keeping your finer pieces of clothing can be a real problem, especially if you need to keep them hanging up rather than folded or flat. Dress bags are a great solution to this.
  • Get the right kind of dress bags to make sure your clothing remains moth and hole free.
  • Storing dress bags is easier because they are space saving, and can be hung inside your wardrobe. You can get to your clothes when you need them, but they’re still be protected from moths.
  • Bedding can be put inside a storage chest, which should be airtight. This keeps all of your blankets and sheets protected from moth damage.
  • If you want to store anything else, like stuffed animals, you can use the storage chests you use for bedding also, where you know they will be safe.
  • You can purchase under the bed roller storage bins if you are very tight on space when you want to store all of your fabrics properly.
  • When you want to store furniture, you need to make sure you do it properly and in the right environment to stop moths getting to them.

To keep all of your stored items free from moth damage, you need to make sure any storage options you use will need to be secured tightly. This will make sure you are worry-free when storing your clothes and bedding. You also need to bear in mind that professional moth control measures may be needed if the problem becomes serious and prevention doesn’t seem to be working!

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