Life-Changing Kitchen Tricks for Easier Cooking

For an easier cooking job, you have to follow some basic kitchen-hacks. So, we are here to help you out.

You can have a look at these life-changing kitchen tricks and start enjoying your cooking job for one more time.

Furthermore, these kitchen tricks are easy to follow and far more fun and enjoyable to apply.

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Making Scrambled Eggs with the Help of Microwave

You might be wondering how to use a microwave for making scrambled eggs; here we are going to tell you.

This is a life-changing kitchen trick that you must follow. Firstly, get a mug and apply non-stick spray on it.

Then you can crack a couple of a number of eggs in that mug. Furthermore, add milk, salt, and pepper and make sure to stir properly.

Moreover, microwave this mug having an egg mixture for about a time frame of 90 seconds. This is how you can get perfectly cooked scrambled eggs.

Freeze Your Leftover Wine in an Ice Cube Tray

Have you ever frozen your leftover wine right in an ice cube tray? If not, then do follow this trick.

Apart from freezing your leftover wine, you can even freeze your broth in this ice cube tray. Once you keep this wine in a try. Then you can wrap it up with the help of plastic paper.

This way, these ice crystals are going to keep themselves at bay and will be able to get perfectly freeze!

As soon as they become ice cubes, then you can add sauces or soups on them in order to enhance and increase their flavor.

Using a Spiralizer Tool for Cutting Curly Fries

It is time to start using a spiralizer if you want to cut perfect looking curly fries for yourself. In other words, you can use a twirly tool for this job.

It is in thin ribbons form that this spiralizer cut your potatoes for making fries. Furthermore, take a parchment paper-lined sheet pan and simply bake your fries on it.

You are free to add your favorite seasoning on your fries. It is recommended to bake at the temperature range of 425 degrees until and unless your fries become golden brown.

Peeling Ginger with the Help of a Spoon

In addition, for instantly peeling ginger, you can do this job with a spoon. This is a magical and life-changing kitchen trick that you can follow.

To de-skin ginger, this is a handy method that we have suggested to you. With the help of a spoon, this method will become fairly simple for you.

Testing Avocado by Looking At Its Stem

To check whether an avocado is ready to be eaten, you can do that by looking at its stem. What you can do is to peel back the stem of the avocado!

If the stem manages to be pulled away conveniently and easily and the stem is green in color, it means your avocado is ready to eat.

This sign tells us that your avocado is all and completely creamy right from inside. Besides, it explains to us that this fruit has got a green flesh inside.

However, if you fail to pull away from the stem, then note down that your avocado needs a bit longer time to ripe itself.

Brushing the Grater Right on Burnt Bits

Whenever you see that the bottom section of your cookies has got a little bit scorched on them, then it is advised to brush and make use of a Microplane grater on them.

You can brush this respective grate right over the burnt side so that you can buff away this residue.

Most importantly, a Microplane grater is a handy and convenient option for grating citrus, garlic, and also chocolate and spice.

You can use this same tool for grating hard cheese.

Tip for Measuring Sticking Ingredients

If you think that it is tough to measure the accuracy level of sticking ingredients, then you can check out this life-changing trick.

Like, for measuring honey or maple syrup or corn syrup, molasses, then you can spray the respective measuring cup of yours with some non-stick cooking spray.

This way, your ingredients are not going to get stuck in that measuring cup and will be able to get slipped out immediately.


We have more of top-notch life-changing kitchen tricks for you, so to know about them, keep in touch with us.

Share with us your devised kitchen tricks and enlighten other readers.

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