Know the Leak Detection Method in the Plumbing System of Your Home

Leaks are unwanted but one of the most common plumbing problems at our home. The small pinhole in a pipe leads to major problems. At times, it destroys drywall and increases the repairing costs.

However, leak detection is of the utmost importance when you need to repair the plumbing points inside the home. Unless the leak becomes the major issue and damages some of the areas in the wall, you won’t get it. That is why it is recommended to hire plumbing professionals to resolve this issue. It is an important service as licensed plumber to find the exact leak location and repair it accurately.

Methods to Detect the Leak in Your House

Finding the leak from scratch is very difficult. However, there are a few steps that you may follow for leak detection. There are some basic tools and methodologies that the plumbers apply to find the source point. If you are conscious about your home improvement and repair the damages as early as possible, then you must hire them to get the problem solved. The methods are as follows.

Acoustic Devices

Listening discs and grounding microphones are the basics tools to be extensively used by the plumbers for leak detection. It is a suitable method to mark the pinpoint leaks. The variation of the speed of sound helps to identify the noise of dripping and escaping water even in the concrete layer.

Thermal Scanners

In the noisy areas, it is not possible to detect the leaks by using acoustic devices. In such a case, the plumber uses an alternative option to verify the changes in the temperature by using heat scanners. When the water escapes through the pipe, it causes temperature changes and shows it on the scanner.

The Equipment Using Optic Fiber Video Pipe

For having the most effective and precise leak detection, plumbers prefer mini-camera mounted on the fibre optic cables. By using it, they can also see the exact leak location on the monitor. It is not only to detect leaks but also it provides extra information to repair it easily.


The plumbers must have experience in leak detection. They have several tools to use in their professional training. So, they have to have an A to Z knowledge in the plumbing system. Even without using special technical devices, they mark the leakage point effortlessly, and that’s why plumbers with the right professional knowledge are essential.

Areas in which Leak Usually Occurs

If you have not installed an automatic leak detection system in your home, you must check the plumbing system periodically. Water leaks are found in the water-consuming areas and appliances. You may look at the below-mentioned areas where leak usually occurs.

  1. Toilet areas and bathroom
  2. Kitchen room
  3. Laundry room
  4. Garage and cooling system
  5. Lawn
  6. Pool
  7. Water meter

You may follow some general tips to detect the leak. For example, water is coming from the toilet even when nobody is using it. Another general idea is to place the food colour in the tank and see after a few minutes whether that colour exists or not. If not, then you would get to know about the leakage. Most area of the plumbing system is embedded in the floors and walls. Hence, when you see the discolouration of the walls and floors, you get confirmed about the water leakage.

You may see the water bills every month and compare them. If the water bill is increasing each month, then you get the proof of having some leakage in the plumbing system. As you know the water leak will get worse over time, it is best to resolve this as soon as possible. If you ignore, you may have to pay more repairing costs in the future.

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