Invisible Hearing Aids: Ways They Benefit Seniors

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There was a time when hearing aids meant huge headphones that were hooked over the entire year. These had speakers that were attached to noise catching boxes which weighed several pounds. These devices looked like a small satellite attached to the head. They made squeaky and buzzing noises at the most inopportune time. People were more likely to not wear them because they were so uncomfortable to wear. But there is no need to be embarrassed or uncomfortable now with the advent of technology in the hearing aid field. The science of hearing aids has improved so much that today’s hearing aids are more powerful, but small enough to detect. These are called invisible hearing aids. These hearing aids provide multiple benefits to senior citizens with a hearing problem. Check out some of the benefits below.

Invisible Hearing Aids

The main benefit is that they are invisible. The biggest concern of those who wear hearing aids for the first time is whether others can see their hearing aids. Recent studies show that the likelihood of someone buying a hearing aid increases by about 30-40% if the hearing aid is virtually invisible to others. Though there are a variety of hearing aids, invisible hearing aids are the smallest among them. They fit further down in the ear canal that they are well hidden and virtually invisible to others. These hearing aids are not only for seniors, but also for anyone who has a hearing problem, and is concerned with the appearance of the hearing aids that are worn behind the ears. There is no need to advertise to the world that you have a hearing problem when you choose to wear invisible hearing aids.

Advanced Technology

Though the size of the hearing aids has shrunk over time, the features and benefits have enhanced due to the advancement in technology. Invisible hearing aids have the sharpest and clearest sound quality. These hearing aids come with noise reduction feature that cuts down the unnecessary background and surrounding noise. This helps the wearer to not get irritated or frustrated with loud noises. There are no plugs or wires that can block natural sound entering the ear. The directional microphones and wireless capabilities of the invisible hearing aids help to stream the electronic devices directly into the ear. This latest technology also adapts to each person’s type of hearing loss to give the best possible results. Invisible hearing aids also need less power or sound output for the wearer to hear well. The low power causes less residual sound energy in the ear which results in less sound feedback while using the phone.


More Natural

Invisible hearing aids help to improve the way your own voice sounds to you. Other hearing aids that are big enough to fill a huge part of the ear canal can make your own voice sound too loud. Sometimes these sounds also have a hollow quality and are distorted as the low pitch sounds get trapped in your ear canal between the hearing aid and your eardrum. Invisible hearing aids are placed much deeper in the ear canal so they do not occupy much space. This creates less internal vibration and less sound distortion. These hearing aids are also much smaller and shorter than other hearing aids which make it easy to vent low pitch sounds to the outer ear without causing much discomfort.

Invisible hearing aids are an excellent choice for many people with hearing loss especially for seniors. They fulfil the need of being discreet, as well as good for the outer appearance. For more information about invisible hearing aids, you can consult your audiologist.

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