How to Choose the Right Cemetery Headstones for Graves?

After a body is buried in any cemetery, a “headstone” – a type of marker – is frequently put at the head area of the grave as a mark of identification for the person who has been buried therein. Usually, the headstone states the name, date of birth and date of death of the person and might also include various other personal details such as images or a quote (which is also referred to as an ‘epitaph’). In cemeteries, such memorial markers serve various purposes. But these are mainly there to identify the deceased person for future generations.

Find Out How to Choose the Right Cemetery Headstones for Graves:

1. Consider the Material

These headstones are available in many materials such as:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Lime stone
  • Sand tone
  • Bronze
  • Iron
  • Concrete

2. Consider the Style

Keep in mind that headstones are available in many different styles.

  • The cemetery headstones known as Flat markers are referred to as “grass markers” at times. These lie flat over the ground at the grave’s head area and are at the same level as the grass.
  • There are Bevel markers, generally around 8 inches in thickness. These lie at the grave’s head area flat over the ground and rise over the grass.
  • At times referred to as “pillow stones”, slant markers are generally close to 18 inches tall. These sit on the ground flat and the stone’s front end is angled back, shaping it like a wedge.
  • There are also Monuments, often known as “headstones.” These are actually tablets that rise straight from the ground.
  • Ledgers are generally around 8 inches in total thickness. These cemetery headstones lie on the ground flat and cover the grave completely. These can be a monument within the grave’s head or itself engraved and placed as the headstone.

Consider the shapes: these stones can come in following shapes:

  • Sculpted cross
  • Tablet
  • Plaque
  • Nameplate
  • Caped stone
  • stele
  • Block

3. Check the Features

Granite can be brown, black, pink or grey in colour. Often, you can find engraving in varied styles and typefaces. The headstones of monuments are available in varied styles and shapes and can be in the form of elaborate sculptures or more traditional types of rectangles. Flat markers can have flower vases built-in or can be completely flat. You can also add poem or epitaph. Chose fonts, symbols and laser etched photo.

4. Think About the Source to Buy From

You can buy cemetery headstones from online retailers, 3rd party retailers, funeral homes or cemeteries. Keep in mind that the Funeral Rule of the Federal Trade Commission does not cover the cemeteries. Thus, not every cemetery might accept the use of a headstone bought from some other source. The cemetery might charge a fee to install or bring in a headstone that you have bought at some other place.

5. Check the Cost

Usually, the calculation of the cost of cemetery headstones is done by weight. Thus, a larger headstone has a higher cost. Typically, the cost does not include extra features such as addition of custom features such as images or photo, or engraving. In case you are buying a headstone from an online retailer or a 3rd party, the headstone’s shipping costs can be high enough as well. The shipping expenses are typically calculated by weight.

6. Know the Requirements and Rules of The Cemetery

There are individual rules in each cemetery about the kind of headstone that is allowed, which includes rules about the features, size and style of headstone. Before you buy a headstone, know about the rules and regulations of the cemetery.

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