Types of CNC Programing and Their Advantages

When it comes to doing a work that needs precision results every time, then the human hands cannot be that predictable. There should be a way out in determining the best method that will not only give you precise work but also something that is similar in all aspect to the previous one.

For such results CNC Programming is the tool to stand by. CNC is the abbreviation of computer numerical control. This is a programming used to direct a machine attached to the computer to take commands and work according to those commands.

CNC Programming
The machines that can work on such numerical commands from the computer are:
  • Lathe
  • Router
  • Foam cutters
  • Laser machines
  • Mini versions of all the above mentioned machines
Types of CNC programmes
1)    Continuous path positioning
2)    Point to point positioning

The p2p positioning programming is used with machines that perform boring, tapping, punching or drilling kind of work. This will require the machine to perform a work from one point to another and when the final point is reached the machine stops as the work is assumed finished.

The continuous path positioning on the other hand is used with machines that perform lathe cutting or milling jobs that will require the machine to contour a surface. This will require the cutting tool to move in continuous motion and until the piece is completed the tool keeps moving from one point to another. There are several axes on which the movement takes place at one point in time defining the contour of the surface being cut.

The CNC programming is a basic programming that needs one to learn about how to give commands so that the drawing is translated into a programme. The drawing must be translated into coordinates in a way that the computer understands the instructions and then direct the machine into performing tasks according to the instructions. Here the person performing CNC programming becomes important because it is now due to his diligence that the work will be translated to the computer.
CNC Machining
Benefits of computer numerical control programming
  • The enhanced automation of the process is achieved by this programming
  • Minimal or no human intervention would be required during the process of machining
  • The operator fatigue is considerably reduced
  • Lesser mistakes on the part of the operator
  • The machining is more predictable and it gives results that are consistent for every piece
  • The skill level requirement of the person responsible for the final outcome is also not very important
  • The accuracy of the work is amazingly enhanced.
  • You can repeat the result with consistency every time.
  • The same machine can be used for different types of works just by changing the type of programme that is running the machine.
The machines have definitely changed the way the work is done but combining the same machine with a computer can produce the results that are remarkably path breaking. The accurate and consistent results that the CNC Programming can be used to produce, have totally changed the way these jobs were done. The accurate results, the consistency, the precision that can be achieved with the correct use of this programme are not possible by the manual methods at all. The hand work can never produce results that can have so much f precision and when it comes to producing pieces in bulk then it is not at all possible to produce the same result in every piece. Thus it becomes important that the use of computer enabled programming is done to control the very process that would not be possible otherwise.

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