Benefits of Buying a Used BMW Car over buying new one

Owning a BMW car is always a huge thing or it is supposed to be a dream for every car driver. Research says it is more economical to buy a used BMW car on sale rather than going for a brand new one. That would save you a lot of money. If you check properly, you can get a nearly new one and that too at a lower price.

For buying used BMW cars on sale, you need to keep a lookout for fraud and make sure that you have made a thorough check of the car and stay on alert of the dealers providing you with false information. Also, make sure you are given all the documents. If all these steps are done right, there are many benefits of buying a used BMW car on sale over buying a brand new one.

A few of them which are prominent, are listed here:

  • Low Cost: If you want to buy a premium luxury car and is way out of your budget, getting a used BMW car on sale is the best option for you.
  • No Road Tax: Road tax for a used car is already paid for and that saves you additional money apart from the ones you save by buying a used BMW car on sale.
  • Warranty: Used cars don’t come with the warranty similar to that of a brand new one but BMW Approved Used cars on sale come with an unlimited mileage protection guarantee against breakdown and repair costs for parts and labour for a minimum of 12 months. Also, if the warranty on the car you are buying is still valid then you can transfer it from the first owner to the second without much hassle. This is like paying less for the used BMW car on sale and yet getting the facilities almost similar to those you would get after buying a brand new one.
  • Double profit – Low price tag + Low depreciation rate: A newly acquired car depreciates in value faster than an old car. A car loses some value with each passing month but a new car loses 40% of its value at the end of the first year. But after buying a used BMW on sale, there wouldn’t be such depreciation in value.
  • Save a lot of Sales Tax: There are sales tax applicable over the purchase of any new car but guess what? There is none on used cars. So that way you again save additional thousands of money on sales tax.
  • Low Insurance Rates: Just like the value of the car depreciates with time, so do the insurance rates. Insurance for a used car is less expensive than one for a new one.
  • Modification: You can modify the car and upgrade the machinery and anything else you like out of all the money you saved by not buying a brand-new car.

Used BMW-Car

Knowing the benefits, it is a good idea to go for a used BMW car for sale. But for that, make sure you are given the following documents:

  1. Car purchase invoice
  2. Registration certificate
  3. Service Book
  4. Road Tax receipt
  5. All the relevant insurance papers

Irrespective of whether the used BMW car on sale is sold by a dealer or an individual car owner or certified BMW used car sellers, these documents are a must. Also, make sure there is no outstanding loan on the car before buying it or else you may end up repaying that loan as well. Get a reliable professional mechanic to check out the car for any hidden defects and damages to ensure you are not paying more than the car is worth.

So the next time you plan to use your hard earned money to get a BMW, consider getting a used BMW car on sale.

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