Applications and Mobile Phone Locks

Most smart phones now come with in-built lock features. These however have limited features and are very easily unlocked. Most of these lock devices are restricted to just locking the home screen of your device and does not extend to locking specific applications of the phone for most of the Mobile apps.

Mobile users may accidently download an application that has the ability to access private information stored on the phone and then the same can be adversely used by cyber criminals who specialize in thefts and crimes related to mobile phones.

Users need not fret because locking applications are easily available to download and install on the handset.

1) App Lock: As the name suggests, one can download this application and use it to individually lock each application on the phone. In addition to locking the application, it also has a unique feature that allows for hiding specific photos or videos stored on the phone. The application offers users a unique pass code to access the locked applications. One will have to provide a recovery email address that will be used in case the person forgets the pass code.

2) Smart App Lock: This application offers users a unique option of locking their applications using a combination of a password made up of a PIN or words and even opting for a design or pattern to unlock the application. If an unauthorized person makes repeated failed attempts at unlocking the device, this application has the ability to click a picture of the person which is then mailed to a pre-defined email ID. The application also has the ability of creating a customized illusion which appears as though the person has managed to unlock the application but in reality the application remain locked at all times.

3) Advanced Protection: This application is a more advance version of the earlier App Lock application and hence also requires the APP lock to be pre-installed on the handset. The best feature of this application is that App lock cannot be uninstalled from the device without entering a specific pre-defined password. This ensures complete privacy protection for the user.

4) App Lock and Gallery Hider: This works in a similar manner as the App lock application. The added feature is that one can password protect specific functions on the phone such as Uninstall, task Manager, Settings, Incoming calls data etc.

5) App Lock (Pattern):  This application is one of the most extensively used lock application. Users have to install a pre-defined pattern for each application that will then serve as the lock app. Repeated failed attempts will sound off an alarm to warn the users of unauthorized entry into the handset.

Listed above, are some of the commonly used application locking software. Mobile users can conduct a thorough survey, get feedback and reviews from other users and then decide which particular application lock they would wish to install on their handsets to ensure complete privacy and security of their mobile phones. Review Leo Privacy Guard today to know more!

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