Shower Commodes – A Boon for Patients

Shower commodes are health products which are meant for patients who find it difficult or not possible to stand or walk on their own. A shower commode is basically a wheel chair fitted with a commode which makes it convenient for patients to relieve themselves or take a shower without the assistance of caretakers. The commode is fitted to the chair in such a way that it can directly be placed on the toilet, it is also provided with a detachable bucket with a cover which can be removed and cleaned.

Extra Fixtures For More Comfort

 Shower commodes are made with lightweight water proof materials like aluminum or PVC. Back rests are fitted with soft cushions to provide comfort to the patient, foldable, adjustable foot rests are also fitted to the chairs, the height and the angle of the foot rests can be adjusted as per the patient’s requirement. Movable armrests which can swing outwards or upwards are fitted to these chairs, the chair is placed close to the bed and the armrest is swung out or up so that the patient can be easily shifted from the bed onto the chair.

Reduces Dependance On Caretakers

Patients can use shower commodes either to relieve themselves or take a shower on their own without depending on a caretaker. After removing the detachable bucket, the cover on the top of it can be closed making it like a regular seat, now patients can use it like a wheel chair and move around on their own.

Offers Privacy

Shower commodes also provide privacy to the user since they need not be accompanied by caretakers. In many cases patients have to depend on caretakers for tasks like attending to calls of nature or bathing which makes them more aware of their disability which in turn may have a psychological impact on them.  Using shower commodes provides them with a degree of mobility which diminishes their feeling of being dependant on others. Persons who have undergone surgeries or are recovering from injuries may find it difficult to adjust to the fact that they have to depend on others to carry out simple tasks like taking a shower or relieving themselves, such persons can use shower commodes until they recover completely.

New Designs For Safety And Convenience

Shower commodes are available with a range of extra fittings like waist bands and harnesses which prevent the patient from collapsing or bending forward. Hand held shower sprays which enable the user to clean areas that are difficult to reach, movable back rests where the angle of it can be changed as per the user’s choice are some of the features which are provided to them. Different manufacturers come up with new and innovative ideas in order to make them more convenient and comfortable to the user.

Newer Models – More Features

New advances in materials and technologies have led to the manufacture of products which offer better facilities and levels of comfort to patients. Among the various new products shower commodes stand out  since they are easy to use and are also comfortable, above all it offers the user privacy and a feeling of dignity since cleaning oneself which is seen as the basic task of any human being can be carried out by themselves without having to depend on caretakers. Usage of shower commodes leads to more cleaner and hygienic surroundings as it eliminates the use of bed pans and diapers. Newer models with more advanced features like cushioned commode seats, shower sprays which are controlled by foot rests are also available. In many models provisions are made to enable the addition of new fixtures.

Convenient For Caretakers, Safe For Patients

In the past when patients with limited or no mobility were to be moved they had to be physically lifted and placed on stretchers this was not only uncomfortable to the patients but also posed a risk of creating further problems since there was always a chance of human error. The advent of new inventions like shower commodes is a boon to both patients as well as medical personnel as such kinds of risks to a large extent have. Let’s go here to get more information about shower commode.

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