New Year’s In India – A New Beginning To A Newer Approach Of Togetherness

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The one festival in India when the moment you turn on the national news channel on the particular day, you see streets of every city filled with young and old in all smiles and celebrating together. The scene of the celebrations of New Year’s day is a beautiful affair in a country with so much cultural and religious diversity. This article briefly talks about the New Year’s celebration in India.

India is a land of festivals. The calendar of the country is marked with one festival to the next and each festival is celebrated in a manner it should be in some part or the other in India. There are some major festivals which is celebrated hugely by a large mass in joyous manner in most parts of the country by people of that faith or religion, at the same time the other remaining mass does not celebrate it at all as it is not a festival of their faith. This is the primary reason it is safe to say that New Year’s is the only festival each and everyone celebrates together breaking the religious and cultural barrier.

New year’s falls in winter, and winter is the best time to go on a vacation in India as the summers are always too hot and humid in most places to enjoy one’s self. The best places to celebrate New Year largely depends on the theme you adopt for or are looking forward to your trip. Each place and city has their own charm and way of celebrating New Year’s and once you decide on that you can easily choose your location.

India is a diverse country and a country with still many old traditional practises leading to a confinement of many cultural, religious and traditional ties. Although one part of India may celebrate a big festival in the most pompous manner, it is a cold and is a normal day in the other parts of the country. This is where the celebrations of New Year’s standout. New Year’s is not a celebration that comes under any specific religion. It is a general celebratory time for people regardless of all odds and people have various ways to celebrate the welcoming of the new year.

Some treat New Year’s as an auspicious celebration and thank God for the past year and pray for the blessings in the forthcoming year and choose a quieter, solemn celebration to this day. While some celebrate by having fun and indulge themselves in enjoyment and partying until the clock strikes midnight and welcome the new year.

New Year’s is a time when many people go on vacations as it the best time of the year. Cities and beach destinations are the favorites of these people, while some choose a quiet and a romantic getaway. Any city with the potential of being a place where people can come and celebrate is always full of people during this time and it is wise to book your travelling tickets and hotel rooms in advance as the demand surges to an unusual high during this time. Oyo rooms hotel is a good way to securely make your booking. You can sit at home and compare the hotels reading customer reviews and looking the pictures of the hotels. Once the bookings are done and you have a place to stay having chosen a safe destination according to the recommendations given to you, all you have to do is let yourself loose and embrace whatever that city has to offer you and make it a memorable trip and year.

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