6 Precautions To Pay Attention To When Setting Up Exposed Aggregate Driveways

The popularity of exposed aggregate driveways in recent times is mainly due to their durability. The reason they’re known by this name is that the gravel that underlies the concrete mixture remains exposed to a partial degree, in the finished driveway surface.

The benefit of using aggregate is you can add colors, styles and texture variations, as per your needs, to revamp the look of your driveway. It’d help you beautify it, as per the looks of your landscaped porch, or house in general. This multi-colored and heavily textured driveway calls for a longer construction process, and the use of special chemicals, while the surface remains wet. However, because of their textured nature and longer installation process, they call for certain precautions to be undertaken:

Precautions To Keep in Mind when Setting Up Exposed Aggregate Driveways: 

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#1. Build A Wooden Box: The maker should build a sturdy wooden box around the concrete to keep it in place. It should be symmetrical and nailed together to hold it in place. One should not have that many high rails on it as it can make it difficult to work on. The wood must be flexible in case of a curved pad. Stakes must be put along the perimeter to hold the wood in place. One surface of the box should be lower than the rest to drain off any excess water or materials. These exposed aggregate driveways should have the facility of proper drainage to last a long time or weathering conditions might make them susceptible to damage. 

#2. Check the Depth: The owner should check the ground depth before pouring the aggregate mix over it. And, it should be allowed to rest for a sufficient amount of time before putting a car on it.

#3. Use Proper Reliable Materials: The concrete should be brought from any reliable preferably local dealer. If one is confused about how much concrete is needed, one can just inform the dealer of the driveways’ thickness and length. Moreover, the service provider you choose would let you know of the quantity, and help you in purchases, but you must be keen enough to buy the right materials at the right price, to avoid early damages or quality issues in the near future.

#4. Leveling the Concrete: It is hassle-free if the concrete truck can pour the cement without scattering it but if the truck does not reach one should pour concrete with a barrel or wood slope. Leveling, screeding, bull floating the concrete has to be done with ultimate precision by professionals. Sprinkle water over it to close up all the holes. Choosing the right company matters the most, and makes an essential difference, when it comes to this step, so do not just choose any company. Choose one that’s well-reputed, reliable and has the experience they claim.

#5. Guarantee the Safety and Health of Workers: One must be careful not to breathe in the retarder or sealant as they contain a lot of harmful chemicals. Make sure not to get concrete on the skin. The builders should wear gloves because concrete is painful and difficult to remove. One’s eyes should also be protected. These safety precautions might be undertaken by the company, and an experienced company would have all safety equipment for the job so that you can sit hassle-free.

#5. Choose A Sunny Day and Avoid Incremental Weather: Exposed Aggregate Driveways cannot be made in rain. So, one must keep a check on the weather. Opt for bright sunny days, which would give the driveway more time to dry. Incremental weather conditions can lead to breaking apart of the concrete or it not being leveled.


Indeed, Exposed aggregate driveways are very useful besides, looking perfectly tuned with your landscaped front and house aesthetics. If one takes the necessary precautions one can do it oneself with the necessary care and with utmost care. One has to be careful with the concrete mix. The faster one pours it, the more time one has to wait.  But, the better and smarter option is to rely on an experienced company who would ensure the end product is marvelous while remaining durable, and worth the expense.

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