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5 Tips For Getting Pulled Over

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If you get pulled over, here are 5 tips for getting pulled over. Getting pulled over is never an enjoyable experience, and sometimes it leads to even more significant troubles for a person depending on why they are getting pulled over. However, just use your common sense when it comes to things, and you should do just fine when it comes to this.

Tip #1: Look Where You Are Pulling Over Before Doing So

Before you pull over for the police officer, check out the current area where you are getting pulled over in. A large number of police officers die each year from traffic accidents, many of which are caused by people pulling over in unsafe areas for them. Do not cause another traffic accident by failing to find a good place to pull over in.

Put on your blinker or your traffic hazard lights to let the police officer know that you are finding a place to pull over and are not trying to escape them. You do not want to take too long to find a safe place to pull over, but the police officer will appreciate that more than being run over by a car after pulling you over.

Tip #2: Make Sure That You Are Fully Visible

When you get pulled over, make sure that you are making yourself fully visible inside your car to the officer who is pulling you over. Police officers know the dangers of pulling people over, and if you make yourself visible to them, you will be able to make them feel more at ease, making the entire situation go more smoothly.

Tip #3: Roll Down Your Windows Before The Police Officer Arrives

You will have to roll your window down for the police officer regardless, so it is smarter to roll it down before they even reach your car. This makes communication between you and the officer easier and will help prevent unnecessary communication issues. If you can not roll down the window, do not open the door but let the police officer know about this issue when they arrive.

Tip #4: Never Reach For Anything Unless Told To

One of the most important tips that can be stressed enough when it comes to getting pulled over is not reaching for anything in your vehicle. An officer has no way of knowing what you are reaching for, and this is a good way to escalate things quickly for no reason. Keeps your hands on the steering wheel unless you are asked to grab something, and make sure you keep all your movements slow and calm.

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Tip #5: Use Common Decency Towards The Officers

The officer pulling you over is just doing their job, so there is no need not to be polite to them. Just comply with what they ask of you, and you will be on your merry way before too long as long as you are polite and do not do anything stupid with them.


Remember to be smart about getting pulled over and try to obey the law in the first place. Then you will not have to worry about what to do if you get pulled over. However, in case you need them, you now know 5 tips for getting pulled over.

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