Zip Track Blinds: User Guide 101

Well, the history of blinds takes us back to thousands of years back when these were used in Egypt. Over a period of time, the blinds underwent a transformation, and now we have a wide array of options and types available in the market. While most of us link blinds with indoors, but they are widely used outdoors. One such type is the zip track blinds. These were the original outdoor blinds that were designed by South Australians. There was a company in South Australia who manufactured roller shutters and external sunshades. The designers there got this quirky idea of designing what we know today as Zip Track blinds for home improvement. The evolution of the Zip track happened as the people were not happy with the gaps and complicated workings of some blinds. Initially, these blinds were considered niche and more agricultural because of the material used in them. But, later the designers worked on the design of the blinds, and they came up with different variants of the same.

Guidelines on using the zip track blinds

Zip track blinds are meant for both residential and commercial and open-to-sky spaces. They are the perfect choice when it comes to outdoor blinds. The best part about the Zip Track Blinds is that they are easy to operate and are lightweight. Thus, making them easy to maintain. These blinds are generally designed with a simple operation, gliding without any resistance. When it comes to using these blinds, one needs to consider some tips and tricks to operate and clean these zip track blinds. Irrespective of these are used as home improvement or for any other purpose in the commercial spaces, these tips and tricks will come handy in many ways. Here are the guidelines on using the zip track blinds either for home improvement or commercial coverings.


Zip Track Blinds are available in the following materials:

  1. Solar fabrics
  2. PVC clear
  3. PVC Tinted


  • When it comes to blinds, then they are available in both manually operated and automatic ones:
  • Working of manually operated zip track blinds- While using these blinds one should always operate these blinds from the center, ensuring the material rolls evenly to the top.
  • Motorized or automatic zip track blinds – While using these blinds you must supervise them closely and avoid operating motorized blinds during high winds, as it can damage motor with wind’s pressure on the materials of the blinds.
  • When having issues in rolling it automatically during windy days, one should manually push against the blind material to reduce the pressure on the blinds.


  • It’s vitally important for one to keep the SUV and PVC mesh clean all the time of the blinds.
  • Always use a soft cloth and cold water to clean the blinds. Allow them to dry before rolling up.
  • PVC blinds will have visible marks as compared to those of fabric, one should ensure that the surface is treated with extra care. Avoid getting any scratches on the PVC material.

Benefits of using Zip Track Blinds

  • They are easy to use
  • You can position them the way you want
  • Prevents the entry of bugs, dust, and UV rays.

Zip track blinds are a great choice for the outdoors. Using good quality ensures that these blinds last longer and also provide complete safety from dust, bugs and other elements that can otherwise be troublesome. Overall, the zip track blinds do not require high maintenance for smooth operations. However, at the time of heavy dusty winds, one can add some lubricants for the smooth functioning of these blinds. There are a number of suppliers in the market, make sure that you choose the one that provides you with the best quality.

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