5 Accessories You Need to Buy Just When You Buy Your New Phone

From safeguarding your expensive smartphone during a bumpy ride to never letting it run out of battery in this fast paced life, these mobile accessories online are extremely vital and enable you to get more out of your mobile phone.

Did you know how expensive it is get your smartphone repaired after it falls? You have no idea! Even a minor crack on the screen of your smartphone could first of all cause a lot of embarrassment and the cost incurred to fix the issue could surely make you teary eyed. This isn’t the time when you can go around without your smartphone. No! You just need it at any and every point in your life. There are people who try to save money on these vital accessories but end up paying a lot more on than they would have incurred on these mobile accessories online. Isn’t it lame? Don’t fall prey to those substandard quality mobile accessories online! The best part about buying mobile accessories is that you can now buy them from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you also get fantabulous offers like free shipping and cash on delivery when you buy them online. Isn’t this as great as buying your stuff from those brick and mortar stores!

Here are 5 mobile accessories online you need right at the time of buying a new smartphone –

#1 Cases / covers

You spent a lot of money on your smartphone. Now, it is your duty to keep it safeguarded from all types of bumps and scratches. If you go for trekking quite often or indulge in to any other kind of adventurous activity, you can go for those high-end shockproof and water-proof covers. These covers are a little high priced for now but the protection that these covers offer are just unmatched.

#2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Not all smartphones come with a Gorilla glass which protects your screen in a superior way. Whether your phone comes with a Gorilla screen or not, investing in a tempered glass screen protector doesn’t hurt you much and keeps your smartphone even under extreme conditions.

#3 Power Bank

As compared to a feature phone, smartphones eat up a lot of battery which could leave you stranded in the middle of the day. Keep a power bank handy and never let your smartphone run out of battery. You can preferably go for a 10000 mAh power bank or more.

#4 Additional Battery

You may not feel like buying an additional battery right when you are buying a new smartphone but it advisable to buy one sooner or later as your smartphone’s battery tends to lose its original power after a point of time.

#5 Smartphone insurance

A lot of companies are offering smartphone insurance. It would be a wise decision to buy one as it protects the smartphone users from theft/damage of smartphone.

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