4 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

Although the goal to make a large global company is worthwhile, you have to build up from something.  People want to support local businesses, and their proximity to you will help push them to visit your physical store or your website.  Although using search engine optimization for gaming the system is a time-honored tradition; many don’t know how to handle it when aiming closer to home.

Here are the top ways to use local SEO services to get more people into your shop and buy your product!

Optimize for Voice Search

As of 2020, around a quarter of households have a smart speaker to talk to and connect to Google or Bing.  These assistants, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, can answer simple questions by reading articles or pinpointing where the best local shop for gnome figurines is based on your answer.  You should optimize your site for voice search so that when they ask a pertinent question, their speaker will read the top article and have it be yours.  Ensure to say your brand by name since the speaker won’t read out links.

Figure Out Local Keywords

What buzzwords are prevalent in your area?  Do you live in a city with a famous nickname like H-Town for Houston or Actionville for Jacksonville?  Think about a way you can tie in local keywords with your content advertisements so that it’ll come up quickly in the searches.  This option can also work if you mention local areas in passing as a famous gazebo people visit or a church that strikes as a local landmark that people care about and want to read about.  Ensure that you mention your city by name, so it gets noticed.

Content Advertising Through Local News

If you like content advertising, use local events as your topics to make locals want to come and read.  Once someone starts reading up on the hot local drama, they won’t notice what site they go on or what links they end up clicking.  Keep their attention by offering articles that are similarly close together on your website or by linking to other items that contain information about your company while still offering that entertainment factor.  Although you shouldn’t take part in any lowbrow drama and beware of slander accusations, you should know that most local news that gets a lot of attention is the dramatic type.

Ask For Reviews From Local Customers

Ask your local customers to review your product!  Whether they type up something quick for Facebook, or they tweet about it to their friends- ask that they tag your business and possibly the location as well.  You don’t generate these reviews, but you can push them into happening by offering discounts for future orders for any customers who tag you and leave a review.  This plan will give them an incentive to come back and buy again and hopefully use their connection to the surrounding area to gather more locals into knowing about your brand.

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