4 Key Features That You Should Check Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Air conditioners have become one of the most essential parts of residential and commercial buildings. An unprecedented increase in temperature throughout the year is the main reason behind the huge demand for air conditioning systems across the world. Buying an AC is an expensive affair and you have to take care of a number of factors when investing in this appliance.

Different types of ACs are available in the market and each of them comes with different specifications. If you have not bought an AC before, then buying a new one can be a difficult task for you. However, we are going to make this task easy for you. Go through the article and learn about the key features that you must check when buying a split system air conditioner.

1. Tonnage

Tonnage describes the capacity of the air conditioning system and you have to choose the right tonnage according to your needs. The size of your room plays an important role in the process and you have to choose an AC that can cover the entire available space.

Remember, you cannot buy an AC that comes with heavy cooling capacity for a small room and you should buy smaller ACs for such rooms. Likewise, you cannot buy a small split system air conditioner to cover a large space, as this will lead to high power consumption.

2. Check Energy Efficiency

An air conditioning system consumes more power than most of your home appliances and that is why you have to check its energy efficiency first. You have to choose an AC that will give you the best by consuming minimum power.

Checking the star rating can be the best way to learn about energy efficiency. Before checking the feature, make sure you have chosen the right tonnage. If you have already chosen a split system air conditioner, read customer reviews to learn how energy efficient it is.

3. Appliances Should Meet Safety and Security Standards 

This is one of the most important steps in the process of choosing the right air conditioning system for your room. Before choosing an AC, make sure it comes with all standard safety features like protected capacitors and overpressure disconnection.

Some elements inside the AC get tempered during overpressure and lead to unexpected incidents. You should discuss with the dealer about the issue and take action accordingly. Keep the air conditioning system away from the curtains, combustible and other things that can easily catch fire.

4. Cooling Efficiency

You are going to spend money in a split system air conditioner to keep your room cool even in scorching outside temperature. Thus, cooling efficiency is something you will focus more than any other features. ACs comes with an adjustable thermostat that helps users to control the temperature according to their needs.

Cooling speed is a vital factor and you have to check how efficient the system is. Some ACs come with the advanced cooling system along with adjustable fan speed option and you can prefer them for better functionality and instant cooling option.

Other Important Features to Look For…

There are many other features that you must check before buying a split system air conditioner. Dehumidification is an important feature that will manage excess moisture inside the room. Make sure the AC comes with sleep mode function, as this feature will help you to save power in the long run.

Your AC can be the home of harmful micro-organisms and you have to keep the AC free of dust and dirt. Some ACs come with self-cleaning feature and it can help you to keep the system clean without any external help.

These are some of the key features you should check when buying a split system air conditioner. Besides, never forget to inquire about the warranty and installation option when talking to a dealer.

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