Why Roof Restoration Instead of Roof Replacement?

Like other parts of a house, roof also requires special attention to ensure safety of people living in it. In addition, there should be proper inspection at regular intervals to make sure that there’s not even a minor problem with the roofing system. Any problem in the roof could lead to a major problem in future or pose threat to a family’s members under it.

How to know roof needs repair?

Although it is necessary to hire an expert to inspect a roof at regular intervals and ensure a safe roofing system, a house owner must check the roof regularly. Through a timely observation, they could know whether the roof needs some repair or restoration. A leak could be a sign demanding special services for the roof. In addition, worn appearance and age of a roof could also be some aspects that could make a house owner think to hire a roof expert and get it repaired.

When it is about giving special services to a damaged or aged roof, there are two major options: Roof restoration and roof replacement.

Roof Restoration: Here, some needed services are given to a roof to make sure that it is working properly again. In this, a roof is inspected, cleaned, protected and is given necessary coatings.

Roof Replacement: In this technique, an existing roof is removed and new one is installed. Roof material and type could also be changed in this process of giving a new life to a roof. Here, one can also make some changes in the roof to give a new look to the roof and house.

Roof Replacement

Why roof restoration instead of roof replacement?  

Although both the techniques are to give a new and problem-free structure to a roof, their processes and costs are different from each other. People who are not aware of these techniques may find it difficult to choose one of them. But in majority of the cases, experts suggest them to go with the roof restoration method to give the much-needed repair to the roof. Here are some reasons showing why roof restoration is better than roof replacement:


When compared with roof replacement, roof restoration is a cost-effective solution. When a roof is completely destroyed and installed again, various types of materials are needed. In addition, it also increases the labor cost. On the other side, less material is needed when the roof is only restored. Plus, there is no need of extra labor to do the job.


When it is about replacing a roof, its existing structure is removed first. After that, new roof is installed. The process takes longer time than roof replacement.

Extended roof life

Roof restoration extends a roof’s life to several years. In addition, one could even make changes in it without thinking on cost. In the roof replacement process, a roof is given a new life and if someone wants to give a new, modern look to the structure in the near future, they have to remove the newly installed roof and spend more money on its removal and installation.  This too lasts for years depending on the type and quality of installation.

Roof restoration from professionals   

Instead of taking the roof restoration in own hand, a house or building owner should hire an experienced services provider who could do the job in the most accurate way. Hiring professional for the job is also necessary for the better services and safety of a house members or people living in the building. One should do an extensive research before hiring a roof restoration provider to ensure that the best in the arena is being hired.

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