Tips to Save Money on Car Key Replacement

Locking yourself out of the car when your car key is still fixed to the ignition or losing the car key might make you feel scared. Unless, you have a spare key at hand, losing the key can cost a significant amount of money. As a matter of fact, it might also lead to a lot of stress. Here are tips that will reduce the chances of car key replacement and save some money in the long run.

There some cars with doors that get locked up immediately. On the other hand, there are some models that lock the door initially. If you have an old car, you might be able to get into the car through one of the back doors. You can always get inside the car through the trunk, particularly if it has folded back seat. Keep in mind that you can always get in touch with a locksmith to help you with the problem.


Get the Duplicate of the Car Key 

The easiest way to avoid getting locked outside the car is to keep a duplicate copy of the car key. You can keep three different keys for your car.

  • The first key is the main key.
  • The second key can be given to a family member or a trusted friend so that can quickly come to your aid when you require.
  • You have to put the third key in a secret location where you will be able to find it easily in case the primary key is lost.

You can also make an extra copy for your office. These tips ensure that you are not locked outside the car for a long time. If you lose your key, you will not have to worry about car key replacement since you already have a spare one somewhere.

Get a Bluetooth Alarm Tracker 

Bluetooth alarm tracker is a great ornament for your car key holder which you can connect to the phone. They prove to be useful when you lose the key. However, you need to make sure that you don’t lose your phone, as well. They also serve as fancy pieces of hardware for the car.

Make a Mechanical Key

Another great tip is to create a mechanical key which doesn’t have a transmitter. These types of keys can help you when you get locked out of the car. The mechanical key can also act as the transporter keys. These keys might not start the car but are helpful when you are locked outside the car.

They are useful when you lose your car key. This is because it contains the cut of the car keys. The locksmith will be able to use it for a car key replacement. The mock up key can be copied to the blank transporter key and is easily connected to the vehicles. You might not even have to pull out the locks of the car first.

Make a Car Insurance Claim

You can save money on the replacement of car key with the help of the insurance cover. They might cover the cost of replacing the keys. There are some policies that also include car event if you are stranded and cannot drive back home. This is great if it takes a couple of days to ship the car keys.

Get a Cheap Key Replacement

Obtaining a replacement of your car key from the car dealer might prove to be costly. A cheaper alternative to a car dealership is an auto locksmith. They will help in cutting and recoding the car keys. This ensures that you will not have to tow the vehicle to the car dealers.

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