These Festivals Will Make You Board The Next Train To Rajasthan

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When it comes to festivals, Rajasthan is not just recalled for its cultural melange and artistic attractions but it is also known to brush our antiquated memory and revive our love for the spectrum of wingding the country offers us on our platters. Let us today take you to the timeless journey of Rajasthan’s unique events and festivals that transform a lifeless desert into a lively paradise on Earth.

Jaipur is no doubt, Rajasthan’s most flamboyant city. Not only does it provide a delightful travelling experience but it also gives us opportunity to be a part of the city’s most intellectual and extravagant festival. The Jaipur Literature Festival is attended by some of the most established readers and writers from all across the planet. It provides a one-on-one interaction platform for authors and his admirers to come together under one roof and cherish the conversations.’

In case you are travelling to Rajasthan in the month of October, a 5 hours drive from Jaipur will lead you to another spectacular folk festival held in the historic Mehrangarh Fort. The Jodhpur RIFF brings together international artists of folk music from countries like Australia, Scotland and Yemen. Though it is only a couple of hours away from the capital, you can skip the driving part if you want and board the superfast Jodhpur to Jaipur train that plies to and forth between the stations daily.

Who on Earth is not aware of the craziest, greatest and the much awaited “Ragasthan”? A three day non-stop festival of Jaisalmer, fun filled with eclectic music and power-packed performances by various artists that gets bigger and better year after year. Touring on camels, dancing under the moonlit sky and camping in the middle of a stunning desert describes the uniqueness of the festival.

Yet another 3 day affair that pulls the visitors to the state of Rajasthan is the World Sufi Spirit Festival. Held in two of the most popular forts of Jodhpur and Nagaur, this is a one stop destination for global spiritual performances. Performers from as far as Morocco, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan come together to entice the audience with their soulful voice and sufi music. Even if you are a die-hard rock music lover, you will surely find it hard to come out of the spell that this festival will have on you.

Do you wish to be a part of a magical setting in the air which is much more beautiful than a regular candle light dinner? Well, if yes, we have a place for you! The Pushkar International Balloon Festival of Rajasthan will literally sweep you off your feet and let you admire the mystical Aravalli range while taking a ride in the huge air balloons dotting in sky like picture-perfect scenery you always wanted to be a part of! So are you ready to fly?

Last, but not the least, if you are looking for an all-in-one place to enjoy music, literature, stargazing, kite-flying, yoga and art in Rajasthan, straightaway head to the most aesthetic Magnetic Festival. With over 40 artists from around the world, this 3 day festival unveils a perfect blend of diverse cultures and ethnic communities coming together to be a part of this delightful event.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Rajasthan right now!

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