The Ultimate Guide To Organising Your Home

Organising a home has always been a very hard thing to do, and often people feel overwhelmed by the tasks and important issues they have to deal with in their everyday life. But, on the other hand, everybody loves to spend their free time in the comfort of their own house. This is why sacrifices need to be made. Well, I won’t lie to you, maintaining and organising your home is a very difficult challenge, but it’s not impossible.

If you have enough will and motivation, you can learn to keep everything inside your house in order all the time. The only thing you need is a lot of patience, lots of cleaning products and the ultimate guide to organising your home I have prepared for you. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Organising your kitchen

The kitchen is a very important part of every residential property. This is the place where we cook our meals and store our food, so it’s mandatory that this space is clean and well maintained all the time. It would help you a lot if you manage to maintain a clean surrounding while you’re cooking since this is the main reason why kitchens get dirty. Even if you’re the most careful person in the world, it’s impossible to cut and cook food, without dropping some on the floor or on the kitchen surfaces.

Regular cleaning

This is why one of the most important household tips I can give you is to clean after yourself every time you cook. It will take you a lot less time to do that than to clean the entire kitchen once in a while. And let’s not even start on the topic where dried food is very difficult to remove.


The appliances are also an integral part of every kitchen, so you should also think about those when organising your household. The oven, fridge and dishwasher are in constant touch with different food particles, so the development of dangerous bacteria is not out of the question. So, regular cleaning of the inside of the oven at least once every two weeks should be always in your cleaning schedule. The dishwasher and the fridge can be cleaned once a month or so, but make sure it’s a very thorough cleaning session.

Cluttered cupboards

Another very important organising issue in your kitchen is the clutter inside the cupboards. You should try to organise it somehow. Many property owners find it very useful to segregate all their spices, utensils and all the other junk in different cupboards or inside boxes, jars and other organisational methods. You just need to find yours.

Cleaning and organising your floors

The floors are also a crucial part of every home, and they are also a hidden danger to our health because they gather a lot of dust and dirt from the outside, which is never good. The way of organising and cleaning your floors depends on the type of floor covering you have. Spoiler alert – it will be a lot easier to clean your floors if you don’t have any unneeded items lying around. This means that first, you will need to get rid of every smaller item standing in your way, like chairs, kid’s toys, stands and all the other things.

As, we know, every residential property stores a lot of junk in it, so you should at least remove the ones standing in the middle of the rooms. Then you should gather all the dust, sand and other particles with a hoover or a broom and treat the floor with a cleaner, suitable for the surface – wood, tile, cement, laminate and others. Remember, every type of flooring has its own preferences when it comes to cleaning, and using the wrong cleaning product can harm it irreversibly, so be careful! When it comes to keeping your floor clean and organised for longer, maybe you should consider putting some rugs or maybe a carpet in the high traffic areas of your home. The rugs and carpets will store all the dirt and dust, this way making your cleaning a lot easier, and they can look quite fancy and stylish all at the same time.

If you decide to go with carpets, though, make sure you deep clean them every 6 months. You can do this by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company as they have the professional equipment and detergents that would provide the best results. The same goes for very deep and old stains – don’t try to clean them by yourself because you can damage the fabric forever.

Cleaning your windows

Just like they say the eyes are a window to a person’s soul, the same applies for the windows – they are the house’s eyes. There is a big difference between a property with clean windows compared to the one with dirty ones. For once, the one with the dirty windows doesn’t get enough sunlight inside it, which makes the air quality inside very low. This is why you should put the window cleaning on top of your monthly cleaning schedule. The most serious issue here is, that windows can be easily stained by rain or direct sun exposure just after cleaning. But don’t worry, nowadays you can find all kinds of cleaning products on the market, which prevent smudges at all times.

Height is also a popular issue homeowners stumble upon when dealing with dirty windows, and many of them prefer to leave the cleaning of those to a licensed high-rise window cleaning service.

Another very serious issue when it comes to windows is the fact that they gather condensation, which is the first step to developing mould. If this is your case, you should try to insulate your windows and check the ventilation system in your property. If these two factors are fine, you should maybe consider buying a dehumidifier for your home.

Roof and gutters

The roof in an integral structural component of every property, and you should seriously think about it when you’re organising your home. The roof is the thing which protects us from all the bad outside influences, so it’s quite important to keep it in the best possible condition. No matter what type of roof you have in your property – flat, hidden, triangle or pitched roof, it gets worn out after time, so the best property solution here is regular monitoring and checking and fixing small issues before they get big.

Every roof type handles the weather conditions in a different way, but the part which takes the biggest hit are the gutters. They are the most significant invention which gets the water off the roof safely, but they also get clogged quite often and can cause more trouble than solutions. This is the time for my next household cleaning tip for you – make sure your gutters are always functional and clean. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go up there and check them every single week. Once in a year, usually in fall, is more than enough.

Decluttering your home

The clutter in your residential property is a very serious organising issue, but most people always put it on the bottom of their cleaning schedule. But with time the clutter grows bigger and bigger, until one day it just can’t be ignored anymore. The biggest areas of the house, which gather clutter on a regular basis, are the attic, the basement, the closet space, and your kid’s room. So, it’s understandable why children’s rooms contain lots of junk and toys, but the other parts of the house are just an excuse for our reluctance to throw away anything useless and old.

But you should get over this harmful habit if you want your residential property to be well organised and clutter-free. The easiest way to get rid of the unneeded junk is to separate all the items in piles, one for the things which are still useful, one for the things you think you could donate, and one for the things nobody can benefit from but the trash. This way you will get rid of a big part of your stored items, and it will be easier to organise the rest. To do that, you can use different boxes and shelves, which will make everything look structured and neat.

How to take care of pests

Pest infestations are a very serious issue for every commercial or residential property because they can even cause serious structural damage to the entire thing. Why do they come? Well, the different pests come to our homes for various reasons, but the main ones are quite obvious – food, shelter, warmth. The pests also need a safe and nice environment in order to grow, develop and multiply. And obviously, our homes are the places which can provide all these things at once.

But don’t worry, if your cleaning schedule is strict and includes cleaning leftover food from cupboards and surfaces, the risk of pests finding your house to be an attractive destination is quite small. But if you already have pests in your home, you should take immediate action towards cleaning and organising your home, in order to get rid of the infestation. Fortunately, nowadays there are countless methods of dealing with these unpleasant creatures, including poison, traps and natural repellents. Just be very careful when using these methods to avoid additional endangerment.

Cleaning your bathroom

The bathroom is supposed to be one of the cleanest places in the entire house, because of the fact that we get ourselves cleaned in it. Well, this is a very common misconception. The bathroom can be as dirty as every other room, even worse. On one side there is the issue about the soap and toothpaste stains all over the place, and on the other, there’s the mould, which grows freely in most bathrooms. A very important part of organising your home is to take care of the hygiene in this room. The bathtub, sink and toilet need to be regularly cleaned, the ventilation system needs to be functional all the time, and all the important items should be stored in cabinets, where the moisture can’t get to them. If you want a quick and high-quality cleaning effect, I would suggest using vinegar and baking soda, which are the strongest natural disinfectants known to mankind.


The furniture usually gathers a lot of dust from the room. The easiest way for a person to estimate how long a room hasn’t been cleaned is by checking for dust on the shelves and bookcases. Of course, the levels of dust depend on the region you live in, but it’s a fact that even in the cleanest places there is still dust.

The property maintenance solution here is one – you need to find a furniture cleaner that prevents the dust from settling down on the surface. This way your furniture’s cleanliness will last a lot longer. Also, the small items we keep on the furniture are dust catchers, so try to limit their count to a minimum.

Safety issues

Organising your home means not only organising all the rooms and items but also organising the safety of the property you live in. This topic includes many things, from the energy efficiency and gas safety of the house to the safety of the locks in the place. Not many properties meet all the requirements, but you will have to at least try. Lately the most efficient way to protect your home from burglaries and theft are the security systems. And when it comes to protecting the lives and health of the residents, regular checkups of the appliances and systems are just something that needs to be done.


We hope the ultimate guide to organising your home will be useful for many people. But while you put on your gloves and grab the detergent, just remember that you can’t clean absolutely everything right away. Even the smallest home has lots of corners, and if we want to keep them all clean, we need to organise our work and prioritize. Otherwise, you will find yourself quite lost in the big pile of chores that need to be done.



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