The Best Packaging Options to Consider

Packaging plays an important role in enhancing the value of your product and brand. We, as customers, judge the quality of a product by its packaging. When we grab a product from the store shelf we touch and see the product packaging. If the packaging does not feel at par with our quality expectations, we simply put it back thinking that the product is of bad quality. If manufacturers fail to impress the customer by their product packaging, they’ll fail to sell their product. So, as a manufacturer, you must ensure that your product is not undervalued due to its bad packaging. There is a range of product packaging available in the market. We are listing some of the best packaging options for you to choose for your next product.

Paperboard Boxes – As the name suggests, these packaging boxes are made up of paper-based boards. These boxes made of paperboards are lightweight but sturdy. If you are interested to get custom-made product packaging then this can be a good option for you because paperboards can be cut easily to give them any shape. These boards are manufactured in different grades that are suitable for different kinds of packaging needs. For example, Solid Bleached Sulfate Paper Boards are ideal for packaging products like cosmetics, medicines, frozen food, milk and juice.

Rigid Packaging Boxes – Rigid packaging boxes too are made of paperboards. But, the paperboards are condensed highly to form the material for rigid boxes. These are 4-times thicker than the foldable paperboards. This is the packaging used by almost all the luxury retail products such as iPhone and Rolex. Obviously, this is the most expensive packaging. So, one area you never want to cut corners is when buying rigid packaging materials. Buy the packaging from trusted a source. These non-collapsible boxes can be easily incorporated into hinges, lids, compartments etc. Product or brand name or the logs can easily be embossed on the rigid packaging boxes.

Plastic Boxes – If you are looking for a cost-effective but sturdy and stylish option, nothing can beat plastic boxes. Plastic is a material that is used in almost anything from paper clips to spacecraft. Plastic packaging is much more durable than the paperboard boxes. And they can also be used to make air-tight containers that help in preserving the product to its best quality. They do not break easily and can be stored in the extreme weather conditions. One of the unique advantages of plastic containers is that they can be made transparent, translucent or opaque as per your need. So, if you want the customers to get a glimpse of the product inside the container, you can give that visibility from any angle by using plastic containers.

Whatever type of packaging you choose; be sure to bring some uniqueness to it with your creativity. A unique packaging always attracts people’s attention. And if the quality of the product and the packaging is good, your product will find its way to a customer’s cart.

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