Summer Picnic Pest Control

The weather is certainly hotting up, and so is the pest population! If you want to go outside and enjoy the lovely warm weather, you need to make sure you’re well equipped to deal with the pests that summer brings.

Going out for a summer picnic is a lovely sunny day activity. Picnics are great for the whole family to enjoy the great weather, and make some lovely memories too.

While picnics are so fun, they are also very attractive to pests. There’s lots of food to steal, and people to bite if the mood takes them. So much choice! People who have allergies to bug stings are in trouble if pests decide to invade their picnics.

  • Get the spray out – Using insect repellent and bug sprays is a great way to keep your skin protected from bug bites. Make sure you apply the spray at least 15 minutes before you go out if you want to avoid being bitten or stung.
  • Take the talc – Sprinkling talcum powder around your picnic table or blanket will actually keep the ants away. They won’t cross the line, even if there is a feast on the other side. So you know your picnic will be safe!
  • Try some oils – Using lemon or garlic oil in little pots dotted around your picnic spot keeps mosquitoes and flies away from you and your food. You should also try to stay away from ponds and lakes when having a picnic, because the mosquitoes will be worse there.
  • Avoid sugar – Having sweet and sugary drinks outside will definitely attract pests. If you do want sugary drinks, make sure you’re drinking them from bottles with lids so no bugs can get into your beverages.
  • Candles Citronella candles are sold at most garden centres, and really do smell lovely…to us. But to pests, they are not pleasant.

These are just some of the helpful tips out there on how to stop pests ruining your summer picnics this year. For more helpful tips like this, I always head over to my favourite pest control blog I follow these top tips, and have been enjoying plenty of pest free picnics every summer. You can also apply these tips to when you eat outside in your garden too. Happy summer everyone!

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