Singapore’s Success an Inspiration for India

The overwhelming success of Singapore on multiple fronts has become a major inspiration and blueprint for countries all around the world, but India in particular has been focusing close on the incredible growth that Singapore has enjoyed as far as business and their economy is concerned.

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it his mission to help empower his people the same way that the people of Singapore have been empowered by their government, offering them the same kind of opportunities to take advantage of important skills training and educational programs that will help to solidify the foundation of India itself.

During the 37th Singapore lecture, Prime Minister Modi made sure to speak about all of the different lessons that he’s been able to pull from Singapore, including the unique way that they’ve been able to tap into all of their resources and create one of the most important countries on the global scale even though they are a fraction of the size of India.

The Prime Minister is focused on “appropriating” as many of the foundational ideals and programs that Singapore has taken advantage of to create the country that has become so powerful and integrating them into Indian culture.

 His administration has been on a continuous mission to learn as much about Singapore as possible (past, present, and future), and find ways to adapt the same kind of drive, interests, and economic push that has helped push Singapore to the front of the global stage.

Creating an Environment Where the People can Flourish

During the lecture that Prime Minister Modi delivered, the biggest take away was certainly his belief that the people of Singapore benefited significantly from all of the different educational and training programs and opportunities that the government made available here

India has one of the world’s largest populations, and though they have fantastic schools, universities, training programs, and a real focus on education, they don’t have the same kind of “reach” that the people of Singapore do.

Under the new prime minister, all of this is set to change as his administration is focused on empowering the people as much as possible to help build India from the ground up.

He mentions that over the last 18 months, India has worked closely with the Pacific island nations more than pretty much any other part of the world, and that they are looking for ways to create real and lasting relationships that will be mutually beneficial to all nations involved.

The governments of Singapore and India are working together to create a Free Trade Agreement which is going to bring together 16 different parties, each of which are going to be equal partners to help share information, technology, and commerce across the board. This is going to be the kind of game changing platform that India will be able to leverage to catapult themselves onto the world stage much in the same way that Singapore did, and Singapore is playing a very active role in helping them do exactly that.

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